Italian Success in Paris in the years of Impressionism: the Maison Goupil

From 23 February 2013 to 23 June 2013


Among the exhibitions in Rovigo, Italy 2013 it is worth visiting the major exhibition Il successo italiano a Parigi negli anni dellImpressionismo: la Maison Goupil'.

From 23 February to 23 June 2013, in the beautiful location of Palazzo Roverella, Rovigo, a new exhibition presents the very charming and extraordinary masterpieces of Italian artists who collaborated with the renowned Goupil Gallery in Paris during the second half of the nineteenth century.

To meet the needs of small and middle classes who could not yet afford to purchase original paintings, art dealer Adolphe Goupil started a world market of unpublished reproductions: Goupil commissioned or bought beautiful works of art and then reproduced them with the most modern techniques to sell them all over the world.

Painters from different countries and with very different styles entered the orbit of the Maison Goupil, giving rise to a real form of collecting that dominated the bourgeois taste of the Belle Epoque and continued well into the next century. Among the artists of Goupil Italians proved to be the most popular, combining quality, emotion and immediate understanding in small formats and easy to reproduce.

A major art exhibition in Rovigo at the Palazzo Roverella, bringing together, for the first time, unpublished works of the nineteenth century that seem to bring back to life the sparkling atmosphere of Parisian cultural era, including genre scenes, interiors and exteriors, daily life, views, landscapes and portraits.

The la maison groupil Rovigo exhibition in Palazzo Roverella was made possible thanks to a long process of research and recovery in order to identify and find the original works reproduced by Goupil, now scattered throughout the world. Studying the materials at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles - where the records of the original of the House are kept and the Muse Goupil in Bordeaux where there are thousands of photos and engravings belonging to the gallery - Palazzo Roverella in Rovigo will present original works of art juxtaposed to some of the beautiful engravings created by Goupil with formats and very different techniques - photography, engravings, etchings and original photo-paintings.

In the splendid Palazzo Roverella Rovigo there will be the attempt to reconstruct the activity of about one hundred Italian artists who collaborated with the Goupil Gallery in relation to the social, artistic and historical context where the new bourgeois taste was developed. Giuseppe De Nittis, Francesco Paolo Michetti, Antonio Mancini, Domenico Morelli and Giovanni Boldini, paintings exhibited for the first time or re-exhibited to the public after a long time. Paintings which have experienced an endless change of ownership and finally found in collections far away from Paris or Italy ... an extraordinary exhibition of 800 works in Rovigo, Italy which testifies the prestige gained by Italian artists in Paris in the same years in which Impressionism - another great artistic movement - was active.

From Giuseppe De Nittis to Rubens Santoro, Alceste Campriani and Giovanni Boldini (artist paintings with different subjects revealing the great skill and desire to emerge of our compatriots migrated to the French capital.

A great exhibition of paintings in Rovigo, Italy at the Palazzo Roverella proposing a continuous dialogue between the originals - many of whom are still stamped and labelled from la Maison Groupil - and 'copies' which will arrive from the Museum Goupil in Bordeaux: Mancini, Pasini, Sorbi, Simonetti, Morelli, De Nittis, Boldini, Corcos, Michetti, Tofano, Cambriani, and many others: more than 40 paintings and engravings accompanied by documentary sources that will present their history.

After more than 40 thousand visitors recorded in previous exhibitions at the Palazzo Roverella, Il successo italiano a Parigi negli anni dellImpressionismo: la Maison Goupil promises to be another great success for the arts in Rovigo!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 23 February 2013 to 23 June 2013

Event location: Palazzo Roverella Rovigo, Italy

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