'Italians at the table from 1860 to 1960' at Villa Pisani

A photographic history of food, cuisine and cooking in Italy

From 28 March 2015 to 01 November 2015


'Italians at the table 1860 - 1960. Photographic History of Food, cuisine and cooking in Italy' from 28 March  to 31 October, an important Villa Pisani exhibition in 2015 tells the eating habits in Italy with over a hundred valuable historical photographs.

A Villa Pisani exhibitions in 2015 are linked to the theme of Expo Milano 'Feeding the planet. Energy for Life', focusing on Italian food. Through an original exhibition of taste and food production, pleasure and history, 'Italiani a Tavola' shows a long series of original photographs that portray a century (1860 -1960) of Italian cuisine, wine and food, including production, trade and genuine habits of our families.

On show at Villa Pisani, Stra, Venice, a long series of testimonies that accompany the visitor on an unprecedented journey across Italy ... traditions, habits and customs of the Italians at the table during one of the most intense periods of human history , between the industrial revolution, the two great world wars and the economic revival.

To collect and represent the habits of the Italians at the table, the camera has played a leading role: moments, stories, spontaneous gestures, faces and expressions fixed forever in the moment the photo was taken. The big story of Italy at the table alongside that of the most intimate and private households, providing visitors of the photography exhibition of Villa Pisani at Stra with the opportunity to get in touch with the strong identity of Italian food, essential part of the cultural heritage of our beautiful country ... In the wonderful photographs collected at the photography exhibition of Villa Pisani 2015, family memories, historical memories and social recognition remind us of our long history of food and wine, recipes and tastes, gestures and moments of conviviality, sharing and differences that have marked the evolution of Italian food from the mid-19th century to the 20th, until the beginning of the 21st.

The exhibition on nutrition in Stra Villa Pisani is a real documentary about Italy: each region, province and city find traces of its habits and traditions in a fascinating and emotional exhibition, arranged in chronological order.

Professional and amateur photographers have caught, recorded and stored festive occasions and meetings, eating habits and fascinating stories ... Institutional archives and old family drawers have provided the exhibition material for one of the largest exhibitions and original exhibitions in Italy in 2015!

The history of the Italian cuisine is shown in the taverns of the 19th century, in the restaurants of the big hotels, the tables laid for political or family meetings and banquets to celebrate a wedding, in the joy of outdoor dining and outings to the beach and mountains, in a romantic toast and in bars with outdoor seating,  but also in the lack of food during the Second World War, mothers who feed their children and the simple canteen tables in colleges and military barracks. Part of the Villa Pisani exhibition 2015 is dedicated to the production of food: bakers at work, fishermen returning from fishing, the transport of fruit and vegetables from the countryside to the cities, small food stores and exclusive luxury retail groceries, antique 'delicatessen' and 'charcuterie', tasty pastry shops and trendy restaurants, the traditional Venetian 'bacari', without neglecting the scenes of everyday life, such as cooking, setting the table, serving the food and enjoy it sitting down...... Shots of life tell the evolution of small gestures and habits that characterize our present as that of a century ago.

Staged in the impressive setting of Stra, Italy - Villa Pisani, the Italiani a tavola exhibition shows a series of photographs from 1860 to the present day: everything revolves around food and habits of the Italians at the table. In photography it is possible to recognize ancient traditions, but also find that small gestures and modern customs were already practiced more than a century ago!

In addition to the photo exhibition, Pisani Villa Stra will allow visitors to discover the tools with which photographers operated, cameras and tools that have produced the precious collection presented in this fascinating exhibition.

Moreover, the striking 19th century Orangerie of Pisani Villa Italy houses a special section devoted to the cultivation of citrus fruits, which spread across Italy towards the end of the 1700s initially as a simple aristocratic 'habit' to then become a true fashion of the major Italian gardens. Such cultivation was practiced even in the garden of the Pisani family, who used the citrus for both ornamental and productive purposes. At the beginning of the 19th century, to enhance the citrus groves, the magnificent Orangerie was built which can be visited at the photography exhibition at Villa Pisani Italy: the collection of the Pisani family became so famous and varied that many European courts of the time required several specimens to adorn their gardens, as evidenced by documents from the Villa Pisani national museum.

The ticket to access Villa Pisani Stra and its 'Italiani a Tavola exhibition' will also allow you to access the ice room of the villa, the place where once foods were preserved, exceptionally open to visitors on the occasion of this extraordinary exhibition . Additionally, at the Museum Cafe in the park of Villa Pisani you will be able to try different tasting menus based on oranges .

In Strà at the Villa Pisani memories and testimonies of a far century ago, which come back to life thanks to an exhibition of great value!

Space is also given to the long-awaited competition Photo 'Italian table. Contemporaries reflections', created with the aim of stimulating creativity and raising public awareness on issues related to art and culture. The purpose of Contemporaries reflections is to reprocess and reinterpret the culinary identity and traditions of Italian through photography ... Thanks to the photos submitted in the Contemporaries reflections contest (the exhibition will present the 30 best pictures) the visitors can enjoy an unprecedented confrontation between Italy yesterday, presented in the exhibition, and Italy today, thanks to the free interpretation of those who decide to seize the challenge and enter the contest!

The  'Italian a Tavola' exhibition at Villa Pisani, Italy is organized by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of the provinces of Venice, Treviso, Padua and Belluno; the photographs in the exhibition at Villa Pisani in Stra come from the Manodori Sagredo Archives, a vast fund already used in the creation of several catalogues for the purpose of teaching and research and the organization of exhibitions and events sponsored by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism.

The Villa Pisani, Stra, exhibitions in 2015 are tinged with colour of Expo Milano: in a year where the world's attention is focused on the theme of contemporary nutrition, a poignant photography exhibition describes the nutrition of past times

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 28 March 2015 to 01 November 2015

Event location: Villa Pisani, Stra-Venice

Contacts: www.villapisani.beniculturali.it/?lng=en