Jesolo Air Extreme 2012: two full days of adrenalin and shows with the Frecce Tricolore and other famous aerobatics pilots!

From 12 July 2012 to 15 July 2012

Jesolo Air Extremeis one of the most awaited for Jesolo events,which on 15th July will return to the seafront of Piazza Brescia to animate Jesolos 2012 summer!The thrilling Jesolo Air Extreme show, which has become a classic event amongst many Jesolo events and in Italy, has been showcasing over the past few years coloured trails and extraordinary aerobatics, performed by famous Italian and international aerobatics pilots, to excite tourists and the many visitors that come to Jesolo especially to attend the Jesolo Air Extreme Air Show.

On top of the official air show on 15th July, it will also be possible to watch the Frecce Tricolore and other protagonists of Jesolo Air Extreme 2012 practicing on the 12th July from 5pm to 7pm again in Piazza Brescia Jesolo.

The programme of Jesolo Air Extreme 2012 include many participants, amongst them:-We fly team (a team of three ULM with disabled pilots);-Blue Voltige (a couple of motorgliders);-Breitling Extra 300 (a single engine propeller aerobatic);-Orus team (with the best pilots of the group aerobatic);-Audace Team (eight paramotors);-Frecce Tricolori (National Aerobatic Team).Jesolo Air Extreme is the spectacular event that livens up the hot summer in Jesolo 2012!The focal point of the air show will be at Piazza Brescia in Jesolo, but the show can be comfortably watched along the entire waterfront.

On 15 July do not miss this great appointment with the extraordinary aerobatics of the Frecce Tricolore in Jesolo: from 4.30pm to 7pm, Jesolo Air Extreme is waiting for you in Piazza Brescia.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff