Jorrit Tornquist - Beyon colour- Jenseits von farbe (Works 1965 2006)

From 19 March 2011 to 03 May 2011

The cultural association Fioretto Arte, in collaboration with the Town Museum of Abano Terme, is presenting at the Town Gallery of Contemporary Art at Montirone the exhibition Jorrit Tornquist Beyond colour (Works 1965 2006): thirty pieces that describe the peculiar path of this artist and his personal exploration of the universe of colour. Tornquist, born in Austria, but residing in Italy and operating around the world, started out following a scientific approach and then rediscovered the emotional and psychological constituting elements of colour and has slowly but gradually abandoned the bi-dimensional painting surface and conceived coloured sculpture and coloured space, a sort of spatial and architectural dimension for his works. His studies have aimed at investigating the perception and influence, both physiological and behavioural, of colours. The artist, poetically describing himself as a rainbow hunter, has since the beginning evidenced a perceptive and emotional sensitivity towards the element of colour, soon distancing himself from contemporary artistic movements. Tornquiss distinct sensitivity has made him a predecessor of colour designing, the art of safekeeping the chromatic features of buildings in the effort to harmonize them with each other and the surrounding environment. In his works Tornquist has not overlooked anything: science, psychology and poetry have accompanied the creation of his magnificent pieces, never the result of a cold speculative process, rather like emotions gathered during a journey which is still ongoing, for artist is he who never stops searching, and who, once arrived, sets a new arrival point somewhere else. Here, we recount a statement from Tornquist which best describes his philosophy and persona: I set about the world looking for sensations. They are everywhere, in the water, ground and sky, when suns come and go and moons appear and disappear, when clouds whirl around. But rainbows always awake my hunting instinct and I then have to act.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 19 March 2011 to 03 May 2011

Event location: Town Galley at MontironeAbano Terme (PD)