Lago Film Fest 2012: on the shores of Revine Lago cinema and art in a new and fascinating festival underneath the stars!

From 20 July 2012 to 28 July 2012

Lago Film Fest 2012 the long-awaited festival of Revine Lago dedicated to cinema and art and now one of the most exciting events in the province of Treviso, will kick off on 20 July.

Lago Film Fest is back this year with new tendencies and ideas, bringing to Revine Lago the best of independent cinema and contemporary art from 20 to 28 July 2012.

Considered one of the most important film festivals in Veneto and italy, the Revine Lago Film Festival is the brainchild of Viviana Carlet, the director of Lago Film Fest since its beginning and winner last year of the Premio Citt Impresa Ideas to develop Italy, awarded to Viviana for her contribution to the cultural development of the North East of Italy.

During the Lago Film Fest 2012 prominent guests are expected at Revine Lago, amongst them Angela Rafanelli and the visual artist Max Hattler, and there will also be a short film contest.

As tradition dictates, one of the focal points of Lago Film Fest will be the short film and experimental videos competition, which includes 10 sections showcasing the best short films from independent productions arriving at Revine Lago cinema festival from all over the world.

Noteworthy are also the special showings of Revine Lago Film Fest, such as the documentary Land of Joy, centred on vices and virtues of Veneto, the premiere of the new film of borderline artist Werther Germondari and the mockumentary on arts and its ghosts of the brilliant Blue&Joy.

Nine days dedicated to new concepts and initiatives in a fascinating and exciting location: underneath the stars of Revine Lago cinema and art are combined in one of the most interesting events in Treviso and its province.With regards to the specials of Lago Film Fest 2012, the following have been listed: Soy America, dedicated to independent cinema productions of South America, and additionally, showings of brilliant Romanian videos directly from Bucharest.

Do not miss the eighth edition of Lago Film Fest! At Revine Lago one of the most interesting and original festivals of summer 2012 is waiting for you with nine not-to-be-missed evenings!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff