Lago Film Fest 2018 in Revine Lago

Art, entertainment and show for one of the most awaited film festivals in Italy and Europe

From 20 July 2018 to 28 July 2018

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In the picturesque setting of Lake Revine, Revine Lago Film Festival 2018, one of the most popular Italy film festivals, is back! From 20th to 28 July, this famous event will present nine days of films, music and dancing under the stars! But there’s much more: the program also includes various side events such as workshops, meetings and tastings... You’ll be spoiled for choice: there’s something for all tastes!

As time goes by, the Lago Film Fest in Revine Lago - festival of independent cinema and contemporary art in Revine Lago - has become one of the most important events in the Treviso area not only because it gives young people a great opportunity for professional and cultural growth, but also because it decisively enhances the beautiful resort where it is hosted every year.

This year at the Lago Fest the movies will be selected from more than 3000 titles produced in as many as 86 countries; they will be subdivided into five different categories: ‘International Competition’, ‘National Competition’, ‘Nuovi Segni Competition’, ‘Veneto Competition’, ‘Unicef Competition’.

On top of these competitions, the Lago Film Fest program 2018 will also include many retrospectives or single-themed focal points, such as the story of women who challenge stereotypes, emerging directors from the United States, Brazil’s independent movie production and special screenings.

Thanks to the many initiatives organized in parallel to the film competition of Revine Lago Festival - events, competitions, workshops and shows - Lago Film Fest has become one of the most interesting and multifaceted events in Treviso. The workshops planned for the 14th edition, open to all upon registration and on a first come first served basis are:

  • Screen printing workshop: creative workshop dedicated to those who wish to explore the world of screen printing and learn how this artistic technique works, discover how to use it and which tools are needed. On July 27th and 28th, from 15.00 to 18.30.
  • Linoleum printing workshop: linoleography is a printing technique, considered the modern example of xilography, which instead used wooden moulds. This two day-long workshop will give you an introduction to xilography and linoleography, from how to build the matrix to how to use it to print – all with a fun and original approach. On July 21st and 22nd 2018.
  • Revine-Lago Workshop 150 in 150 con Tomas Sheridan: free workshop for filmmakers e storytellers aimed at creating short videos of maximum 150 seconds exploring the stories on Revine Lago. Starting from the history, then passing on to interviewing, film, editing and post-production work techniques, this course will combine technique with creativity! On July 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2018.
  • Diciottocchi – artistic experience for illustrators: initially dedicated to illustrators, photographers, filmmakers e sound designers, since 2016 DICIOTTOCCHI now exclusively deals with illustrations. 9 creative artists from all over Italy will illustrate the 9 days of the Lago Film Fest 2018 following the theme 'Coming of Age'. Every participant will be asked to reinterpret an iconic videoclip from the 90s, setting it in Lago.
  • Dance the place workshop: Marcel Leemann, corepgrapher and director of the Marcel Leemann physical Dance Theatre will hold a specific workshop site during which he will explore the area of the Lago... The roads, the lake and the houses will become the set and stage of a great unique performance! From July 24th to 27th 2018.

The Revine Lago Film Festival Program 2018 will dedicate great space to dance. The world of dancing and filmmaking have much more in common than you can imagine... Dance will return to the film festival of Revine Lago with a performance in the town with dancers from all around the world, all of which have thought of performances which would match the setting of the lake. There will also be some special screenings which use dance as a medium of communication within the world of cinema.

In addition to events purely devoted to the cinema, the Lago Film Fest program contains numerous musical events, from electronic music to independent rock, with emerging artists and more than ten bands!

Lago Live Music 2018

July 20th

  • at 9.30pm - TALK TO HER (post-punk/new wave)
  • at 10.30pm - CACTUS RADIO (web radio) + EDWARTH (disco/funk/house)

July 21st

  • at 9.30pm - WICKED EXPECTATION (indietronica)
  • at 10.30pm – HOLOGRAPH (electronic music)

July 22nd

  • at 10.00pm - OPEN SPACE ALESSANDRO CASOL (percussive fingerstyle)
  • at 10.30pm – DNEZZAR (avant-pop)

July 23rd

  • at 10.00pm – OPEN SPACE ALBERTO ZILIOTTO (finger style)
  • at 10.30pm – CAU (indie post-emo)

July 24th

  • at 9.30pm – LE TROU ELECTRONIQUE FEAT. FEDE TICH (electronic rock)
  • at 10.30pm - FLUCTUS LIMB (ethnic-electronic/soundtrack)

July 25th

  • at 9.30pm – COMANECI (folk/rock/electronic)
  • at 10.30pm – UNPLURIVERSO (ambient/electronic)

July 26th

  • at 9.30pm - MALUS ANTLER (psych rock)
  • at 10.30pm - APERITIVO AL VERDE SOUNDSYSTEM (world music/rare grooves)

July 27th

  • at 9.30pm – OOOPOPOIOOO (surreal/dadaist music)
  • at 10.30pm – BLAK SAAGAN (ambient/soundtracks/kraut-rock)

July 28th

  • From 10.00pm CLOSING PARTY Dancing on the lake shore until sunrise
    Guido Beretta, old/newave
  • at 11.00pm - 800×600 (dj set synthwave)
  • at 11.30pm - AKANKSHA KRISHNANI (dj set slinky techno)

There will also be plenty of room for local products thanks to food and wine stalls open every evening: on top of ethnic dinners and proper culinary performances, every day there will be a new special dish to try, and you can also taste renowned specialties from the area.

Lago Film Fest Revine Lago also has plenty to offer for youngsters. On top of the competitive section of Unicef, where they will be asked to choose the winner, the festival also has a long list of events lined up to make them become an active part of the festival: puppet shows, storytellers, jugglers, events and workshops!

Do not miss the highly anticipated dates of Lago Film Fest 2018! From 20 to 28 July, the beautiful location of Lake Revine will host many unmissable events dedicated to cinema, as well as debates, shows and concerts: the 14th edition awaits you with a truly exceptional program!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 20 July 2018 to 28 July 2018

Event location: Revine Lago, Treviso

Contacts: Revine Lago Film Festival program 2018 and more info at

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