Lago Film Festival 2015 in Revine Lago

At Revine Lago Italy - an unmissable appointment between art and entertainment

From 24 July 2015 to 01 August 2015


In the picturesque setting of the Revine Lake, one of the most popular events in the province of Treviso returns, the Lago Film Fest 2015! From24th July to 1st August, the Italy film festival will present short films, documentaries and screenplays and more...: this edition of the Revine Lago film festival program is enriched with numerous workshops, concerts, debates, artistic performances and master classes.

Over time, the lago International Film Festival of Cinema and Art has become one of the most important events in the Treviso area not only because it gives young people a great opportunity for professional and cultural development, but also because it is enhanced by the beautiful place that every year hosts it.

For the 2015 Edition, 'Revine Lago Fim Fest' will not only be the name of the film festival, but also the title of an interesting documentary film shot and edited during the festival by young people of the Zero Video collective, attending the event for the second consecutive year.

To reward the films in the competition, an exceptional jury composed of internationally renowned artists such as the Romanian actress Cosmina Stratan - winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2012 for the Best Female Artist in the film 'Beyond the Hills' - and the director and Argentine composer Sebastian Wesman who at the Revine Lago Italy Film Festival will present the world premiere of his first feature film 'Metaphor'.

To complete the list of judges at the Italy Film Festival 2015 the British author of animation films Peter Millard, the director and documentary filmmaker Alfredo Covelli author of the recent film 'With Real Stars Above My Head' and the eclectic authors Alessio Dogana and Danilo Carlani, co-writers of the television series 'Mario' aired on MTV and co-directors of the documentaries 'Nascenti States'.

This year, the Lago Film Fest 2015 will boast more than 101 films for the competition, selected from thousands of titles: originating from all over the world, the films will be divided into several categories: International, National and Veneta. The section 'New Signs' dedicated to video art and experimental cinema will count 20 films while UNICEF will dedicate 23 titles to children and teenagers.

Two feature films out of the competition at the  Film Festival in Italy: 'Unicorn Tales' by Daniel Djamo, which delves into the painful issue of forced displacement of Roma and Romanians in Austria and 'Hoax_Canular' by Dominic Gagnon, a collage of amateur videos of teenagers found on the web. Also noteworthy is the Ca' Foscari University of Venice project entitled 'Dreams in the drawers': a series of 'storytelling' projections to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to publicize their projects.

Keeping true to its principles, the Italy Film Festival 2015 Revine Lago Film Fest reserves ample space to independent filmmakers: through the contest 'Are you a Festival Zooper?', members of the community will let the public know of their accomplishments. The authour of the work considered the most original and creative will be the guest of honour at the Italy Film Festival 2015 with a special screening devoted exclusively to him/her.

During the previous editions, the Lago Film Fest gave the opportunity to many countries to make their identity known through artistic, ad hoc and creative projections. This year's chosen nation will be Switzerland that will show an unusual side, thanks to the interesting project of the SMA foundation - Switzerland Mon Amour, which will make the audience discover a 'new Switzerland': no longer a country that has always been considered strict and closed, but a place of productive artistic experiments and home to a thriving film industry.

In this regard, scheduled at Lake Film Festival, Italy there will be a special schedule devoted to the Swiss director Ingmar Bergman, as well as a section entirely reserved for filmmakers and contemporary artists where you can attend screenings dedicated to John Skoog, Roy Andersson - winner of the Golden Lion in Venice in 2014 - and cult films to be rediscovered such as 'Fucking Amal' directed by Lukas Moodysson.

Thanks to its many initiatives, the Revine Lago Festival is considered one of the most interesting and multifaceted events in Treviso. This year, special attention is paid to the workshops - very interesting is Blobbing', aimed at creating short videos, produced by the editors of the famous program RaiTre 'Blob', from which it takes its name.

Lake film festival in Italy 2015 also offers a workshop that is closely linked to the cinematography of Kino Kabaret, the movement of participatory cinema born to promote the production of independent short films with low or zero budget. Another objective of Kino Kabaret is sharing: artists from around the world will work together, exchanging ideas, methods and roles, for film making.

Lago Film Fest Revine Lago is always active in the social aspect, for example, this edition will host the workshop 'When I grow up I will be a director', aimed at the creation of a children's picture book and included as one of Unicef initiatives dedicated to children.

To conclude the workshop section of Lago Film Festival 2015, two appointments made by the jury: 'Boogodobiegodongo', directed by English illustrator  Peter Millard, will cover the world of animation while 'Closeyouteyes', edited by Guido Beretta, will be aimed at creating documentary sounds.

Another very interesting initiative of the Lake Italy short film Festival 2015 will be the master class held by the director and composer Argentine Sebastian Wesman who, while recounting his personal experiences, will illustrate its harmonious career in music and cinema.

At the Italy short film festival edition - 'Diciottocchi' will return for the 6th consecutive year: the nine selected artists, including video makers, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators, will describe the Revine lago events 2015 in their own way, sharing materials, sensations and emotions, and living it fully day to day. The result will be a beautiful story of the festival from a very strong emotional impact, a compelling visionary portrait that will leave you speechless!

The full Revine Lago Film Festival program also includes a number of various debates and meetings, such as that held by Lahar Magazine on independent publishing with the support of Treviso Comic Book Festival or on that on the comic motion of the 'Orphans' super-soldiers, derived from the famous comic fiction edited by Sergio Bonelli Editore and Rai.

Com, or again that relating to the film and TV series presented at the Holden School in Turin.

Satire and humour will be the themes of the confrontation between different personalities such as Massimo Olcese, author of the television programs 'Tunnel' and 'Avanzi', Enrico Lando of the duo 'The usual Idiots' and one of Maccio Capatonda's authors, Sergio Spaccavento.

The Revine Lake Film Festival in Italy in August also allows space for dance! The project Pulsart will create an original interaction between locals and artists thanks to an unprecedented program of residencies, contemporary dance and performing arts. During the opening weekend, international renowned dancers selected by the great dancer Francesca Poglie will perform.

At the Revine Lago - Film Festival 2015 an area could not be missed that is dedicated entirely to music, with a full program of varied concerts of international artists such as Ben Seretan, singer and guitarist from California, and the Icelandic singer-songwriter Chantal Acda with her distinctive and persuasive voice.

'Veneto Contemporary' will present the best Venetian songwriters while, for the duration of the Festival, young talents who have been previously selected, will perform on stage at the Festival.

To make the Revine Lago events 2015 even more spectacular, the amazing scenery will be created by Matteo 'Ufocinque' Capobianco, a real talent in creating shapes and figures that can create a unique and spectacular atmosphere.

Do not miss one the highly anticipated Revine Lago events 2015 in the province of Treviso: from 24th July to 1st August, in the beautiful location of Lake Revine, where you can expect many not-to-be-missed appointments of outdoor cinema, debates, concerts and shows. Make a note of the dates from the Lago Film Fest, Italy: and enjoy the truly outstanding program!

LAGO FILM FEST 2015 from 24th July to 1st August 2015 at Revine Lago.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 24 July 2015 to 01 August 2015

Event location: Revine Lago – Treviso

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