Lago Film Festival 2016 in Revine Lago

Art, entertainment and show for one of the most awaited film festivals in Italy and Europe

From 22 July 2016 to 30 July 2016


In the picturesque setting of Lake Revine, Revine Lago Film Festival 2016, one of the most popular Italy film festivals, is back! From 22 to 30 July, this famous Italy short film festival will present short films, screenplays and documentaries ... But there is more: this year's Revine Lago Film Fest also features many other events such as workshops, concerts, debates, artistic performances and master classes.

With the passage of time, the Lago Film Fest in Revine Lago has become one of the most important events in the Treviso area not only because it gives young people a great opportunity for professional and cultural growth, but also because it decisively enhances the beautiful resort where it is hosted every year.

This year Lago Film Fest in Revine features around one hundred competing films, selected from thousands of titles; the films will be divided into five different categories: 'International', which boasts 24 films from around the world, 21 'National' films, special prize of the 'Veneto Region' with 17 films, 'New Signs', dedicated to experimental and non-narrative films, with 20 films while 'Unicef' will present 18 titles dedicated to children and teenagers.

Thanks to the many initiatives organized in parallel to the film competition of Revine Lago Festival - events, competitions, workshops and shows - Lago Film Fest has become one of the most interesting and multifaceted events in Treviso. The workshops planned for the 12th edition, open to all upon registration and on a first come first served basis are:

  • 'Fluid Forms', independent publishing workshops - designed by Lago Film Fest in cooperation with makethatstudio and Pixartprinting, participants are encouraged to experience the relationship between water and image, both in terms of contents and the choice of materials and media used. The workshop will have a duration of three days on from 22 through to 24 July at the end of which the selection of graphic works to be used in the publishing project 'Fluid Forms' will be made.
  • Workshop of tap dance and rhythm with Marie Nie - exploring the concept of swing, beat and different speeds, this original workshop wants to create new rhythms by using the tap technique. July 29 at 7.30pm
  • Director, critics and audiences: a dialogue of many voices to learn to see, look and exchange that will be inaugurated by the critics workshop organized in collaboration with Nisimasa, promoter of the young European cinema.

The Lago Film Fest 2016 program devotes considerable space to a series of special screenings:

  • Rites, Non Raptus by Virginia Mori - Describing the surreal world invented in our minds is not easy, especially if it responds only to ourselves ... Virginia Mori, in her animations / illustrations in pencil and black Bic ballpoint pens, can create nightmares, frameless metaphors and grotesque scenes in which characters know exactly what they are doing even if we cannot grasp its meaning!
  • Video killed the radio stars by Valentina Be - after spending hours on the set filming the video clips with her teen band, Valentina Be understands she was on the wrong path and, after the end of her contract with the record company, she studied filmmaking in Rome . She has shot videos for artists such as Ligabue, Dolcenera and Negramaro and collaborated with agencies and production houses for clients such as Gucci, Audi, Telecom and Pirelli.
  • Txema Muñoz Selection by Kimuak - fascinating selection of short films that aims to show a full cross-section of the Basque production. Curated by Txema Muñoz, in charge of Kimuak programming, the selection included in the 2016 Lago Film Fest program collects the most successful short films - documentaries, animations, experimental productions, fiction, fantasy and comedy from in recent years.
  • De Chirico puts on his gloves by Konstantina Kotzamani - at Revine Lago Film Festival two short films showing all the eclecticism of the young Greek director: 'Washingtonia' is a metaphor with dull colors, where Greece becomes Africa which then becomes De Chirico, marsh and dioramas crammed with giraffes and palm trees with red bugs in the heart; 'Morning Prayers', organized in collaboration with the Serbian director Katarina Stankovic, features a real Sarajevo, without any metaphor, between drugs and night interiors.
  • Some kind of future by Lorenzo Sportiello - at Lago Film Fest 2016 his debut film after the success of his numerous short films... A sci-fi language, far from Italian cinema, to present a bold future ... 'Index zero' tells the likely evolution of a society taking into account its worst possible sides.
  • Focus Russia - an interesting representation of Russian animation, started about a hundred years ago to coincide with the birth of animation. The Revine Lago Film Festival in Italy offers an interesting selection of Russian animation and emerging filmmakers: twenty short films tell the story of Russia using very different techniques and styles.
  • Hort way china. A long week of short film festivals, Shanghai 2016 - Organized through the collaboration between Kan Kan Media and the major Chinese and cinema art institutions, the festival promotes the emerging talents of world cinema, creating a space where professionals and non-experts students have the opportunity to engage and debate. The selection for the revine lago film festival, will provide an overview on the most innovative trends of Asian contemporary cinema.
  • Polski beat. Impressions, shapes and sounds from Poland - a special section of Revine lago film fest italy dedicated to the most recent Polish animation productions, always at the forefront compared to that of other countries. A tribute to the director Zbigniew Rybczynski will open the selection of 12 beats of images, shapes, colors, sounds and stories that convey emotions and feelings.

There are also very interesting projects that will be developed and presented at the Revine Lago Film Festival Italy:

  • PIXaward - started from the synergistic collaboration between Lago Film Fest and Pixartprinting, the prize will enable the winner to bring to reality the animated visions of their own creativity.
  • Creative Corporate Storytelling - the project has an original and creative aim... For five days, three filmmakers followed the producers of the Val d'Oca at every stage of production, from wine harvest to the cellars, capturing the identity and soul away from the usual clichés. The result is a series of extremely personal digital stories of a living and complex reality.
  • European Contest - Zooppa and Lago Film Festival will create a platform for young directors to be known in some of the most interesting European realities.
  • Diciottocchi - the world illustration comes to the Lago Film Festival Revine for the seventh consecutive year. Nine points of view on the sensations experienced at the festival from sunrise to sunset ... Nine artists will illustrate the emotions felt at the Lago International Film Festival to create a fascinating chronicle in pictures.
  • Alfred Agostinelli - photographic diary that tells a journey along six months through the wild arctic world. Migration is here addressed detached from contemporaneity, as a fusion of distant worlds.
  • Dispositivo Ludico for Immortality 2115 - the performance was intended for a future audience of the year 2115, which creates a time capsule. This new project of Revine Lago Film Festival aims to build a bridge between today's reality and the future. The Capsule will be filled with stimuli, memories, anecdotes and sensations collected during the festival to be transmitted to the citizens of 2115. Director Dynamis will create the performance that will end with the filling and burying of the capsule, with the instructions for the community until 2115.

In addition to events purely devoted to the cinema, the Lago Film Fest program contains numerous musical events:

22 July: 10.00pm - Ginah; 11.00pm - Karoshi

23 July: 10.00pm - Train To Narvik; 11.00pm - Afa

24 July: 10.00pm - Catch A Fyah

July 25: 10.00pm - The Slaps

26 July: 10.00pm - Moplen

27 July: 10.00pm - Wops; 11.00pm - Encode

28 July: 10.00pm - Florence Elysée; 11.00pm - Nularse

July 29: 10.00pm - Are You Real ?; 11.00pm - And The Woman Katya SuperFeed

30 July: 10.30pm - Fanny Games; 11.30pm - No / Me & Ordinary Noise

Do not miss the highly anticipated dates of Lago Film Fest 2016! From 22 to 30 July, the beautiful location of Lake Revine will host many unmissable events dedicated to cinema, as well as debates, shows and concerts: the 12th edition awaits you with a truly exceptional program!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 22 July 2016 to 30 July 2016

Event location: Revine Lago, Treviso

Contacts: Lago Film Festival 2016 program and more info at

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