Lago Film Fest 2019 in Revine Lago

Art, entertainment and show for one of the most awaited film festivals in Italy and Europe

From 19 July 2019 to 27 July 2019

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In the picturesque setting of Lake Revine, Revine Lago Film Festival 2019, one of the most popular Italy film festivals, is back! From 20t to 28 July, this famous event will present nine days of films, music and dancing under the stars! But there’s much more: the program also includes various side events such as workshops, meetings and tastings... You’ll be spoiled for choice: there’s something for all tastes!

 As time goes by, the Lago Film Fest in Revine Lago - festival of independent cinema and contemporary art in Revine Lago - has become one of the most important events in the Treviso area not only because it gives young people a great opportunity for professional and cultural growth, but also because it decisively enhances the beautiful resort where it is hosted every year.

 This year at the Lago Fest the movies will be selected from more than 3000 titles produced in as many as 86 countries; they will be subdivided into five different categories: ‘International Competition’, ‘National Competition’, ‘Nuovi Segni Competition’, ‘Veneto Competition’, ‘Unicef Competition’.

 The Lago Film Fest program 2019 features extraordinary performances, nestled in the alleys of the town: dancers from all over the world will bring their art and perform in the courtyards of the magical village of Lago. Plus, this year you can attend an aerial and vertical dance show.

 Thanks to the many initiatives organized in collaboration with the film competition of Revine Lago Festival - events, competitions, workshops and shows - Lago Film Fest has become one of the most interesting and multifaceted events in Treviso. The workshops planned for the 15th edition, open to all upon registration and on a first come first served basis are:

  • Workshop, the scene of a film with Claudio di Biagio: workshop dedicated to anyone with refined visual sensitivity and writing talent, those interested in cinema as a language of communication and entertainment, people who already work as Videomakers, graphic designers and authors. The workshop is a real journey to learn the audio-visual path that an artist’s idea must cross, from the intuition to writing the lineup and the final editing, passing through the script and the set. 24 July 2019, from 10.00 to 18.00
  • Workshop Silence doesn’t exist, with Johann Merrich: this event is dedicated to experimental music and focuses on listening and its fundamental role in the process of creation. The workshop is open to anyone who wants to approach musical experimentation. 27 July 2019, from 14.00 to 18.00.
  • Workshop The Landscape body with Laura Moro: second edition of the site specific contemporary dance workshop which was created last year by the Swiss choreographer Marcel Leemann. Leading the 2019 edition of the project there will be the dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher Laura Moro who will explore the spaces of Lago: its streets, the lake and the houses will become the scenes and the stage of a great and unique site specific collective performance. 20-21-22 July 2019, from 10.00 to 13.00.
  • Workshop Meet the Unknown with Simone Rovellini, Charles Teyssou & Pierre-Alexandre Mateos: a two-day workshop dedicated to artists (performers, photographers, designers, directors, video artists) and curators interested in interpreting Lago, from a natural area to a space where new communities can meet. 25 and 26 July 2019.


The Revine Lago Film Fest Program 2019 will dedicate great space to dance. The world of dancing and filmmaking have much more in common than you can imagine... Dance will return to the film Revine Lago film festival 2019 with a performance of dancers from all around the world, all of whom have thought of performances to match the setting of the lake. There will also be some special screenings which use dance as a means of communication within the world of cinema.

In addition to events purely devoted to the cinema, the Lago Film Fest program contains numerous musical events, from electronic music to independent rock, with emerging artists and more than ten bands!

Lago Film Festival Italy, Live Music 2019

19 July

At 22.00 - YATUS (shoegaze)

At 23.00 - PULSAR (electro-ambient)


20 July

At 22.00 – MAURIZIO E GLI ATOMI – SUPER DANCING SAYONARA (swing, rumba, cha cha, calypso, r’n’r’ … at 45 and 78 rpm)


21 July



22 July

At 22.00 – /HANDLOGIC (alternative pop)


23 July

At 22.00 – MADAM: SUPERLUSSO (psychedelic avant-impro)

At 23.00 – BAD PRITT (electronic)


24 July

At 22.00 – ZEBRA (alt rock)

At 23.00 – MADAM: SUPERLUSSO (psychedelic avant-impro)


25 July

At 22.00 – PATRIZIA OLIVA (electroacoustic music)

At 23.00 – L’IMPERO DELLA LUCE (EEVIAC, JOHANN MERRICH) (electromagnetic music)


26 July

At 22.00 – GIOVANNI PERIN 5ET (jazz)


28 July

from 24.00 CLOSING PARTY, dancing on the banks of the lake until sunrise
Dj mix designed by Martina Malilli and Caterina Erica Shanta


There will also be room for local products at the food and wine stand, which will be open every evening: alongside the famous traditional 'panin con il pastin' and excellent culinary creations, every day a special dish will be offered and you can taste famous farm-to-table specialties.

Lago Film Fest Revine Lago also has plenty to offer for youngsters. On top of the competitive section of Unicef, where they will be asked to choose the winner, the festival also has a long list of events lined up to make them become an active part of the festival: puppet shows, storytellers, jugglers, events and workshops!

Do not miss the highly anticipated dates of Lago Film Fest 2019! From 19 to 27 July, the beautiful location of Lake Revine will host many unmissable events dedicated to cinema, as well as debates, shows and concerts: the 15th edition is waiting to welcome you with a truly exceptional program!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff