Lagoon Bike

From 30 May 2008 to 02 June 2008

A unique event, Lagoon Bike - 30 May al 2 June 2008 - sees bicycles transported by motorboats across the Venice lagoon to the islands of the Lido and Pellestrina. The lagoon, dominated of course by water, offers wonderful and evocative natural beauty. Formed by the interaction of the sea and the rivers Piave, Sile, Brenta and Marzenego, the lagoon is host to many islands both large and small, some natural and sandy, some artificial, fruits of the land reclamation schemes throughout the areas history. The journey takes us through the port of Chioggia, Malamocco and the Lido, as well as the lagoon itself. First arrivals will be on the evening of Friday 30 May, followed by the next day. Saturday 31 May sees the morning free, afternoon programme begins with a guided tour of Chioggia. Sunday 1 June at 9a.m. meeting for embarkation of bicycles and participants to the island of Pellestrina. 9.30 arrival on the island and beginning of cycle route taking us to Santa Maria del Mare. Pellestrina is famous for its embankments which run along the seashore, the imposing dykes which protect the lagoon and the inhabited areas from the force of the waters, whilst on the west side of the island we can admire the traditional brightly-coloured houses with their fishing boats alongside. On reaching the other head of the island we take the boat on to the second island, the Lido. Boarding a reserved motorboat from Alberoni there is a fish lunch on board. On arrival the cycle route takes us across the island until the town of Lido. Monday 2 June is free to enjoy the sun and sea.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff