Late Titian and the Sensuality of Painting

From 26 January 2008 to 20 April 2008

Around the middle of the 16th century the 70-year-old Titian discovered a new style of painting: colours applied rapidly and freely on the canvas and worked with bold brushstrokes, forms melting away, leading to both a sensuality and an enhanced sense of spirituality. With this extraordinary technique, way ahead of its time, he created a theatrical and emotional style of painting, which in certain aspects appears to be connected to the poetry of Tasso and the writings of Ariosto, published in Venice during the 1530s.

This exhibition is the only one of its kind in Italy dedicated specifically to this epoch of the artists life and works.

An informative self-guided tour divided into 3 sections portraits, sacred and profane subjects which ably demonstrates the titanic activity of titian through the themes of the exhibited works.

An exhibition of outstanding masterpieces, which leads into the permanent collection of the Accademica, where one can encounter and compare other works by Titians contemporaries such as Giorgione, Veronese and Tintoretto, leading ever further to an appreciation of the innovation of Titians message.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff