Little Big Things. Masterpieces from the Storp Collection - Mocenigo Palace

Mocenigo Palace enriches its itinerary dedicated to perfumes

From 06 September 2014 to 01 February 2015


Among the exhibitions in Venice in 2014, we announce 'Little Big Things. Masterpieces from the Storp Collection' an extraordinary perfume exhibition 2014 at the Mocenigo Palace in Venice.

From 6 September 2014 to 31 January 2015 this unprecedented perfume exhibition in Italy will present at the Mocenigo Palace Museum part of the artifacts from the Storp collection of textiles and costume in Venice, which has recently expanded its range of exhibits with a section dedicated to the history of perfume and fragrances.

Founder of the famous Drom fragrances, the Storp family has collected bottles and containers for perfume for generations, giving life to one of the largest and most rare collections in the world, more than three thousand pieces documenting over 6000 years of history.

The Palazzo Mocenigo perfume exhibition - organized by the Venice Civic Museums Foundation with the collaboration of Drom Fragrances and MAVIVE - will enrich the fascinating museum section dedicated to perfume thatthe Palazzo Mocenigo Costume Museum has housed since 2013; a section that aims to testify and raise awareness of the importance of Venice in the history of perfume.

The exhibitions in Venice in 2014 can therefore boast a hundred pieces, splendid examples of creativity and virtuosity that characterized the production of manufactured items to contain perfume from ancient times to the present.

Venice has played an important role in the spread of this aesthetical, cosmetic and entrepreneurial tradition in Europe and the new section of Mocenigo Palace in Venice - a permanent perfume exhibition in Italy juxtaposed to the traditional part of the museum dedicated to fashion and textiles - wants to give the lagoon city proper recognition. 'Little Big Things. Masterpieces from the Storp Collection' enhances the role of Venice even more, showing the importance and beauty of a 'minor' manufacturing profession which has high historical significance. The small containers, that are veritable works of art, tell us about the evolution of the ancient art of perfume (from the Latin per fumum 'through smoke') from the origin in the Middle East, Greece and Rome, until the return to Venice at the time of the Crusades and the spread throughout Europe.

Rare antiques, including an oilcan Egyptian vase dated to the III / II century B.

C., chests and glass bottles, porcelain from the 16th to the 19th century, up to an original satin glass bottle designed by Salvador Dali and the most beautiful creations from modern ingenuity and creativity. Ancient and modern in comparison in the splendid setting of Palazzo Mocenigo: exhibitions in 2014 on perfume from September 6, to January 31, 2015.

The Palazzo Mocenigo exhibitions on the scent will be divided by themes - The Divine Love, Protection, Identity - and enriched by olfactory experiences: Drom fragrances has in fact planned each section with an 'allegorically' theme represented by a fragrance. Visitors can combine sight and smell to immerse themselves in an experience of emotions, feelings and memories!

If you want to visit the perfume museum Venice - Centre for the Study of History of Textiles and Costume and Museum and the scents of Venice - accompanied by our brilliant tour guide, our Fashion tour is right up your street! Send us your request, we will contact you as soon as we have checked the availability of the service.

Palazzo Mocenigo Museum has a new layout and is further enriched by its temporary exhibitions enabling it to gain a prominent place in the exhibitions in Venice and making it one of the most fascinating and innovative museums in Venice!

The 'Little Big Things. Masterpieces from the Storp Collection' exhibition can be visited with the normal entrance fee to the museum; in the link dedicated to Palazzo Mocenigo you can also find opening hours and closing days of the museum.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff