Lucio Dalla - Francesco De Gregori - Work In Progress Tour

02 October 2010

This is without any doubt one of the most exciting celebration tours in Italy and destined to stir the highest emotions amongst Italian fans. We are talking about the artistic pairing that despite lasting for only the summer of 1979 was never forgotten thanks to a subsequently released successful live album that transmitted the magic of those moments to the next generations. Two icons of Italian music with plenty of desire to be on stage and transmit new ideas and energies, who will combine their own talents in improvised performances that are nowadays part of the music repertoire. In 1979 the two artists were only at the very beginning of their careers which is proved by the numerous hits they both released in the coming years but still their play list was full of songs that remained in time as real milestones in our music history. Thirty years on from that unforgettable Banana Republic, Lucio Dalla e Francesco De Gregori are facing the same challenge and are about to go on tour with an exciting and surprising show full of divertissement, art and a display of fantastic music. The Work In Progress Tour name chosen to symbolize the extemporaneity of this duet - will arrive in Veneto on 2nd October at the Palafabris in Padua. Between Dalla and De Gregori reigns a spirit of unity that we are not accustomed to anymore, with the two swapping in the singing and playing. The band includes Dalla and De Gregoris long standing players. Amongst the hits that will be played there are Come fanno i marinai, I matti, Canzone, Anna e Marco, Santa Lucia, Lanno che verr, Come profondo il mare, Buonanotte fiorellino, Viva lItalia and Piazza Grande. There will also be space for reminiscing - when together, Dalla and De Gregori appear more prone to talking than when alone. Indeed, a unique occasion to hear entertaining anecdotes on the history of Italian music. All in all, a not-to-be-missed concert where music reigns over everything with Dallas jazz talent going hand in hand with De Gregorys Dylan-like folk intonations and every piece becoming a surprise on its own.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff