Manet. Return to Venice

Return to Venice

From 24 April 2013 to 01 September 2013


From 24 April to 1 September 2013, the splendid rooms of the Doge's Palace will host one of the largest Venice exhibitions, 2013: eighty drawings, paintings and etchings by Edouard Manet, paintings which for the first time shows deep links of this immortal French artist with Italian paintings.
Venice events in April 2013 include an extraordinary Manet exhibition in Venice sponsored by the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation in collaboration with the Muse d'Orsay in Paris, offering a comparison between Manet and some of the greatest geniuses of Italian paintings with an original interpretation: a innovative argument that aims to re-read the revolutionary breakthrough of Manet and until now, almost exclusively attributed to the influence of Spanish art. Premiered in Venice the Manet mostra, Venezia 2013, this new critical perspective on the production of Manet in Venice puts emphasis on the artist's stay in Venice - on several occasions between 1852 and 1874 - during which the French painter had contact with the masterpieces of ancient Venetian art, a meeting that marked the artistic growth of Manet and had a deep influence on him.

The exhibition: 'Manet. Return to Venice' wants to deepen the cultural models that influenced the early years of the artist's production. Studies of Manet have, for a long time, focused only on the contributions of the work of Goya and Velazquez - seen as the inspirations for the modernity of Manet and as a way to escape from the academic tradition - and relegated to a marginal role the deep passion that the French genius felt for the Italian Renaissance art, a deep bond that the Venice exhibitions 2013 presents to the world for the first time. Manet at the Palazzo Ducale has the support of the Muse d'Orsay in Paris, the institution that now retains the largest number of works by the artist.
Considered one of the largest Venice art exhibitions of all time, 'Manet. Return to Venice' will be the first exhibition in Italy dedicated to the most important pre-Impressionist artist and will also include works by Titian, Tintoretto, Carpaccio and from which he drew inspiration.

The exhibition of Manet at the Palazzo Ducale in Venezia will present some of the most important paintings by Manet - Luncheon on the Grass, Olympia, Le Balcon, Le Fifre, La Lecture, Portrait de Mallarm ... - which will come to Venice from museums and cultural institutions around the world, including the Muse d'Orsay, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Courtauld Institute in London, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The National Gallery in Washington, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Stdel Museum in Frankfurt and many others, not to mention the contribution of numerous private collectors.

This innovative interpretation of Manet in Venezia 2013 will show, through his greatest masterpieces, the quirky rework of frescoes, sculptures and paintings that the artist was able to admire during his stay in Italy, reinterpreted with the boldness and modernity that characterize all the artistic production of Manet. After a closer look at the religious paintings - where Spanish influences are more pronounced - and in still life - faithful to the Flemish tradition - you will see the memory of his travels in Italy.

Some examples of the fascinating combinations at the Palazzo Ducale exhibition of Manet: The Manet Balcony, a famous work carried out between 1868 and 1869, will be joined to the Due dame Veneziane' ('Two Venetian ladies') by Vittore Carpaccio (1495) to show the similarities of the female figures leaning on a rail , their attitude of boredom through the blank stare in both pictures; not to mention perhaps the most famous of the two works by Manet, Olympia and Manet - Dejeuner sur l'herbe, in which references to Italian art appear unequivocal. Olympia in particular will be accompanied by Venus of Urbino by Tiziano - an exceptional loan from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence for this exhibition of Manet at Palazzo Ducale in Venezia - a source of inspiration for Manet in representing his famous 'femme de plaisir': an unprecedented comparison between two works of art-by world icons.

Alongside the Venice exhibition Manet in Venezia, until 15 September 2013, a second and current exhibition in Venice, Italy shows 'Photographs of Venice at the time of Manet' and offers a fascinating insight of the Venetian atmosphere at the time of Manets stay.

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Period: From 24 April 2013 to 01 September 2013

Event location: Doges Palace, Venice

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