Mango - Acchiappanuvole Tour

14 February 2009

Sabato 14 February brings the Acchiappanuvole Tour of Mango to Palanet in Padua: a refined an emotional show where the artist will present his latest work as well as giving his own interpretations of some of the best in Italian music. With over 30 years and 5 million records sold behind him, Mango is one of the mainstays in Italian pop music.

The album Acchiappanuvole, released in September 2008, is the latest offering of a career which has seen the singer constantly striving for the highest quality. It contains 14 covers from De Andr, Fossati, Battisti, Battiato, Pino Daniele, John Lennon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Baglioni, Elisa, De Gregori, Patty Pravo, Renato Zero, Luigi Tenco, and Anna Oxa. Together with guitarist Carlo De Bei, Mango embarked on a long process of listening to, analysing and then stripping these classics to their essential elements, thus producing interpretations honed to their innermost essence. Acchiappanuvole is an important release as it completes a circle, a look back to the past whilst keeping an eye on the present, and sung with great passion, where the main objective is to follow the thread of a musical development, connecting seemingly disparate tracks, and performing them with a passion which inspires the same in the listener. The concert is therefore a rare occasion to encounter the artist and also the grand tradtion of music through Mangos enthusiasm. Tickets available online at and through Coin Padua and Treviso Boxoffice, Unicredit, Primi alla Prima (Banca del veneziano, BCC del veneto e Casse Rurali Trentine Happyticket, and Cariparo. Seating prices:Fromt-row stalls: 40,00Stalls: 35,00Gallery numbered: 30,00Unnumbered: 25,00Prices subject to additional online/ box office charges.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 14 February 2009

Event location: PalaNet - Padova

Contacts: - 049/8644888 - 0432/523989