Marciabianca 2014

Enego will host the 42nd edition of this historical skiing long-distance race

23 February 2014


Among the many calendar events of cross country ski races in Italy one should not miss the Marciabianca 2014! Enego ski and Marcesina will host the 42nd edition of one of the most important Nordic skiing races in Italy in Veneto.


The Grandfondo Marciabianca is back! On 23 February 2014 one of the most exciting Vicenza events in the Province will take place. Since 1973 this ski race in Italy has combined sports and entertainment in the beautiful peaks of the Asiago plateau!


Marciabianca is considered one of the most prestigious sporting events in the province of Vicenza. Marciabianca Marcesina is an individual Nordic skiing race, and open to athletes of any nationality, over the age of 18 and in possession of medical certificate. The Marciabianca 2014 will as usual offer the double distance of either 25km or 50km, using free technique and a single ring.


The departure of Marciabianca will start in Valmaron - Marcesina, about 15 minutes from Enego - at 9.15am (25 km race) and at 9.30am (50km marathon). Athletes who participate in the Marciabianca Enego 2014 must complete the race course within a maximum of 5 hours.


At the end of both cross-country ski races, Italy 2014, the awards ceremony will be held at 2pm near the finish line.


For several years, the famous cross-country Enego ski race - Marciabianca - has been part of the national calendar of the Italian Winter Sports Federation.


Do not miss one of the most fascinating Nordic skiing races in Italy 2014! Besides the excitement of attending an uphill marathon, the Marciabianca Valmaron offers the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful areas of Veneto, Marcesina. Called the 'Finland of Italy' for its record temperatures - despite its location at just 1400m it is the coldest place in Veneto. Marcesina is also considered important for its history and nature and offers picturesque fairytale scenery.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 23 February 2014

Event location: Enego and Marcesina