Marghera Summer Village Tricolore

From 08 June 2011 to 28 August 2011

"Fratelli d'Italia, l'Italia s desta, al Marghera Village si torna a far festa!". 2011, the year celebrating the 150th anniversary since Italys unification, sees also the return of the summer festival that has, for the past thirteen years, kept the warm evenings busy of those living in the province of Venice. The Marghera Estate Village is this year wearing the colours of the ever celebrated Italian flag and assembling a patriotic line-up of artists and shows for the entertainment of the folks of Venice.

From June 8 to August 27, in the grounds of the Panorama Park in Marghera, there will be shows, concerts and food stalls to bring together all those present with a wholly Italian offering. Many of the artists and composers participating are from Italy, as well as the many tribute bands, which will cover the best known productions from the Italian music scene, and the food being served.

In this national event a festival within the festival will take place with the title L Italia uno stivale da Ballo, a project showcasing three different representations of music writing in Italy: from the folk of the Occitane valleys and the band I Sonadora in Northern Italy, through the Salento music of Ballate Tutti Quanti to the songwriter Gerardo Balestrieri. They are different efforts to interpret the many nuances of the art and culture of Italy, interpreted by very characteristic artists in the context of the anniversary of the unification of a nations people.

On top of all this there will be the events that people have come to expect every year, such as the concerts of Latin-American and country music and the dancing nights. Colourful markets will be there as well the ever present food marquees and fun opportunities for the young ones. With such a list of features, the Marghera Summer Village has always been a guarantee of entertainment for all those looking for some respite from the hot summer evenings in the countryside. A not-to-be-missed opportunity also for those wanting to enjoy the company of their friends whilst listening to some good music, drinking cool beer and eating succulent dishes.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff