'Maria Grazia Rosin. Fractal Lace' at the Lace Museum in Burano

a fascinating exhibition to appreciate the ancient tradition of Burano

From 09 May 2014 to 01 May 2015


Extended until 30 April 2015!

Among the numerous exhibitions in Venice in 2014, do not miss Maria Grazia Rosin Artist at the Lace Museum in Burano, Venice.

Beautiful Burano is famous worldwide for its lace making, a centuries-old tradition still kept alive by the passion of the inhabitants of the island and celebrated in a lace museum in Venice, Italy devoted entirely to it. The Venice exhibition 2014 on the island of Burano represents a valuable opportunity to get in touch with this ancient custom and discover new interpretations, influences and ancient masterpieces.

From 9 May to 23 November 2014, 'Maria Grazia Rosin. Fractal Lace' will offer a unique comparison between sandbanks and lace.

Maria Grazia Rosin, the artist born in 1958 in Venice, returns to impress everyone with her fantastic, rich in symbolism and much sought after creations. After the success of her latest lace exhibitions in Venice, the lace Museum of Burano houses one of her latest designs, Fractal Lace, presented last year at the Venice Art Biennale 2013.

In this unprecedented exhibition in Venice, in 2014 lace is combined with picturesque landscapes of the salt marshes, strips of land scattered in elongated form that emerge from the waters of the lagoon depending on the tides. Maria Grazia Rosin - artist noted the fascinating similarities between the plots of needle lace of Burano and the lattice created by the salt marshes in the lagoon. The focus of art by Maria Grazia Rosin the artist is represented by the structural weakness shared by these two very different realities: the new Burano lace exhibition 2014 in Venice proposes a singular moment of reflection, starting from the possible aesthetic similarities between the two suects to reach finally to grasp the deeper affinities.

At the Lace Museum of Burano in Venice, you can see the result of the work of Maria Grazia Rosin- artist made in collaboration with the Lacemaker teacher Sandra Mavaracchio on this beautiful island: a work-in-progress installation developed into a texture with fractal patterns - geometric shapes that are repeated identically on different scales - that merges the peculiarities of the lagoon with the precision and the method of Burano lace. Maria Grazia Rosin the artist has managed to reinterpret the texture of the salt marshes, a blend of herbs and plants, in the delicate texture of lacework.

The location of the exhibition could not be better: in the lagoon of Venice and, in particular, in the lace museum of Burano during its opening times you can witness complex similarities and the many interactions that have inspired the work of Maria Grazia Rosin - artist. The Lace Museum of Burano in Venice contains more than one hundred copies of this fascinating craft traditions and a vast historical archive.


By purchasing Burano Lace Museum tickets: price €6 you can also visit 'Maria Grazia Rosin. Lace Fractal'.

The island of Burano is within easy reach of Venice by vaporetto line 12, which also stops at the  glassmaking island of Murano, and in the beautiful and wild island of Torcello. After visiting the Lace Museum on Burano you can then take the opportunity to stop in Torcello - to visit the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta which holds one of the most important mosaic examples of Northern Italy - or Murano where the Glass Museum will offer you a 'fascinating visit to discover the masterpieces of glass art.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff