Marostica chess game 2012

One of the best known historic re-enactments in Veneto is back in the splendid checked square of Marostica

From 07 September 2012 to 09 September 2012

Considered one of the most fascinating events in Veneto, the Marostica chess game 2012 will take place on 7-9 September in the historic setting of Piazza Castello in Marostica.

The Marostica chess game recalls the duel between Rinaldo dAngarano and Vieri da Vallonara over the hand of the beautiful Linora, daughter of the Marostica castle keeper. In the distant 1454 the two warriors were both in love with the same girl, in order to resolve the problem they challenged each other to a duel in accordance with their custom at that time. The Lord of Marostica Castle, though, wanted the clash to take place in a spectacular living chess game where the young men had to prove their intelligence skills: the winner would then be able to marry the young woman in question, whilst the loser would have to marry the younger sister.

The exciting living chess match took place in the square of Marostica Castle with living chess pieces instead of the traditional chess pieces, in the presence of the population and noble people and enriched with illuminations, music, dancing and an exhibit of his men in arms, soldiers and knights. From this unprecedented spectacle began the idea of one of the most fascinating historical re-enactments in Veneto, in a timeless atmosphere of colour, elegance and ancient customs which invades Marostica every two years for one of the best living chess games in Italy.

Following an ancient tradition , this famous event in Marostica of Human Chess takes place every two years (even years) during the second weekend of September in the enchanting Marostica chess board square. Since 1954, due to the inability to reproduce the original movements of the game in 1454, the organizers of the living chess game in Marostica are inspired by the most beautiful living chess pieces in history, recalling each time a different move, chosen according to specific requirements: spectacular, lasting (around 30 minutes) and the number of moves (a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 20).

In the Castle Square, better known as the Marostica Chess Square, the chess game involves over 550 living pieces which provide, for more than two hours, an emotional spectacle.

A medieval and characteristic centre, Marostica is renowned for the Orange Flags of the Italian Touring Club, its excellent services for tourists and its excellent historic and cultural resources. The numerous and interesting events in Marostica have remained famous due to its inviting atmosphere and hospitality towards visitors. Apart from the game of chess, Marostica is also famous for its cherries, the only chess produce in Italy having been classified as IGP.

A unique historical commemoration of its genre, a step back in time to discover ancient customs and traditions.... Don't miss this extraordinary event: Marostica Chess Game 2012 tickets are already on sale!Chess Game, Marostica (Piazza Castello)Friday 7.9.12 - 9pmSaturday 8.9.12 - 9pmSunday 9.9.12 - 5pm and 9pm

By Insidecom Editorial Staff