20 February 2009

Friday 20 February, from 10p.m. until dawn, at SpazioNovantanove @ Vega, the scientific technology park of Venice (, via della Libert 12, 30175 Venice Marghera) is the date for MASQUERADE!, a carnival party organized by The location, SpazioNovantanove, also hosts art exhibitions, and was designed and furnished by a team of creative architects, and is also home to Vega, the scientific technology park of Venice. MASQUERADE! Is an open-bar party for all: entrance fee (20 Euro for girls, 25 for boys, obviously) includes all drink consummation for the whole night. Being a carnival party, masks are welcome, not compulsory. The party opens its doors at 10p.m. with a finger food buffet, at midnight other fried snacks will be available. Music is provided by two DJs, Tommaso & Warmin, regulars to some of northern Italys best clubs (Cielo, Night & Day, Parco dei Principi). Rather than following one single musical path, their selections are flexible and appropriate to the specific atmosphere and tastes of the guests. Time: 10p.m. - lateEntrance price (tickets only available in advance): 20/25 Euro
By Insidecom Editorial Staff