Max Pezzali Concerts - dates 2013/2014 in Veneto

From 16 November 2013 to 18 February 2014


The long-awaited Max Pezzali tour 2013/2014 will start from Mantova on November 9. Thirty dates throughout Italy to celebrate the extraordinary success of his latest album -Max Pezzali 'Max 20'! Three concerts of Max Pezzali 2013 in Veneto - Padua, Conegliano and Verona - and one in 2014 in Jesolo. Do not miss this opportunity to hear this great Max 20 live tour and tickets are already on sale!

After the great success of the first weeks of the Max 20 tour - the concerts of Max Pezzali 2013 in November are already sold out! The organizers have announced an additional 22 concerts for the Max Pezzali tour dates for 2014 in Modena, Trento, Trieste, Porza, Assago, Jesolo, Rome and Mantova.

The Max Pezzali tour 2013 dates arose following the publication of 'Max 20', a collection released on 4 June to celebrate his 20 year career. The album contains five unpublished songs and fourteen historical successes reworked in two voices with the participation of some of the greatest artists of the Italian music scene: Venditti, Baglioni, Ramazzoti, Renga, Jovanotti, Bennato and many others accompany Max Pezzali in pieces that have marked his career.

Here are the anticipated concerts of Max Pezzali in Veneto:

Padova Concert of Max Pezzali on 16 November 2013 - PalaFabris concert Padova

Initially planned at the Gran Teatro Geox, the concert of Max Pezzali in Padova will now be held at PalaFabris, one of the largest venues in Veneto, completely renovated in 2010 and home to many sporting events and shows.

Concert of Max Pezzali in Conegliano on 1 December 2013 - Zoppas Arena

The concert of Max Pezzali in Conegliano will be held at the Zoppas Arena, a cutting-edge vanue for events in the province of Treviso, which can accommodate up to 5000 people.

Concert of Max Pezzali concert in Verona on 13 December 2013

The location of the concert of Max Pezzali in Verona will be the famous stadium in the city of Verona, home to the volleyball matches, basketball and 5-a-side football.

Concert of Max Pezzali in Jesolo 2014 - Pala Arrex

The Max Pezzali concert in Jesolo is among the new dates in 2014 in Veneto, in an exceptional location, where artists such as Deep Purple and Skunk Anansie have performed.

Come mai, La dura legge del gol, Nord sud ovest est, Gli anni, Nessun rimpianto, Buy your ticket for the Max Pezzali on tour for your chosen date in Veneto 2013 2014 - and treat yourself to an unforgettable evening!

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Period: From 16 November 2013 to 18 February 2014

Event location: Padova, Conegliano, Verona and Jesolo

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