Morgan Piano Concert

12 May 2009

After the success on X-Factor as strict judge and all-round musical expert Morgan returns to his forte as musician with a concert of his own compositions and covers. Songs from his solo album as well as from his group Bluvertigo are mixed with covers of David Bowie, the Beatles and other Italian artists such as Bindi, Tenco, Endrigo, and De Andr. The concert at Mestre promises an evening of reinterpretations of the recent history of music, both his own and others, an alchemical transformation of styles and genres, creating a vibrant and pleasing event. For those who have yet to discover Morgan, this provides the perfect opportunity.

Ticket prices:Stalls 30,00 + 4,50 pre-booking chargeGallery 25,00 + 3,75 pre-booking charge

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 12 May 2009

Event location: Teatro Toniolo - Mestre (VE)