Moscato Arquà Jazz Festival

From 04 September 2010 to 05 September 2010

The history of the ancient Arquada, nowadays known as Arqu Petrarca in memory of the eminent poet who spent the last years of his life here, brings together all the noblest arts, including that of wine. Thanks to its position in the heart of the Euganei Hills with majestic and unique natural surroundings, there are plenty of grape varieties that have found, since immemorial times, fertile ground and have become well known and renowned thanks to their uniquely flavoured wines. Cittadella himself had to declare in 1605: The Vicaria in Arqu is known as a winery and fruit place near Padova thanks to its quality fruits and bodied wines from its hills, such as the moscatello, pinello, garganego, schiavo and marzemino. Moscato and pinello are two of the most characteristic wine varieties from this area, highly appreciated also by travellers when looking for a respite with food and wine. Nowadays, as well as back in the olden days, wine bars and restaurants are proud to be able to offer these wines to all their guests. Due to the quality of local wines local organizations and authorities in Arqu have decided to promote this product within traditional events as well as purposely organized more distinguished ones. Amongst these is the the Moscato Arqu Jazz Festival, organized by the Pro Loco Association, the Comune of Arqu Petrarca and the Nature Park of the Euganei Hills to honour the Moscato, considered the prince of wines from the Euganei Hills. With the accompaniment of the magic of music, the jazz festival intends to bring its participants to rediscover the local wines cultivated since time immemorial around Arqu. Through the meandering steep medieval streets of the town centre visitors will be able to taste food (such as local salami and sliced meats but also the local speciality the jujube soup) and listen to evocative music atmosphere that will wipe away all worries. On top of this event, the entire month of September is dedicated to the discovery of wines from Arqu Petrarca and the Euganei Hills, with the possibility to visit interesting local museums (such as the Maritime Museum at Battaglia Terme, the Museum of Cava Bomba at Cinto Euganeo and others) and sites of artistic and history relevance.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 04 September 2010 to 05 September 2010

Event location: Arquà Petrarca (PD)