Motoring Gallery - Mobility and genius in Veneto

From 01 March 2011 to 04 March 2012

Whilst the new Santa Chiara museum centre is being completed following a mammoth restoration project which will undoubtedly spearhead a cultural renaissance in the area, the 20 year old Bonfanti-Vimar Car Museum is opening its resident collection to the public within an exhibition that will last for at least one year. The Motoring Gallery Mobility and genius in Veneto Co, Giannino Marzotto, the beating heart of the future museum centre, proves to be ahead of the times with an exhibition at its present location in Romano dEzzelino (VI only a short distance from Bassano, which presents a selection of its best pieces with the view of offering a snapshot of its rich collections, which generally rotate on a six-month basis. Many interesting motoring records of Veneto will be presented such as the first driving licence and the first car sold in Italy, the first suspensions invented at the end of the 15th century, the first female pilot and the many cycling and car manufacturers that have shaped the motoring history and additionally many other documents will be shown to testify the importance of the scientific and cultural contribution of those born and bread in Veneto. In March 2011 the museum will publish an encyclopaedia on this subject, which will contain at least 500 pages and 1700 entries. The Bonfanti-Vimar car museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays 10-12a.m. and 14-18p.m. Tickets vary from 3 to 6 euros.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff