Mov Venice Orienteering 2012: the exciting Meeting of Orienteering in Venice is back!

11 November 2012


Now in its 33rd edition, Mov Venice welcomes athletes and enthusiasts from around the world who will have to find their bearings between the maze of narrow streets and bridges that Venice offers.

Venice Orienteering 2012 will offer several routes, chosen by the participants depending on age, gender and length.

The long-awaited international Venice orienteering meeting will be held on Sunday 11 November from 8am to 4pm, an exciting Venice orienteering race which, like before, will involve and enthuse participants and spectators.

Mov (Meeting Orientation Venice) has now become a fixture in the calendar of events in Venice, acquiring over the years a growing interest and participation of professional athletes and enthusiasts. Now in the history of orienteering for the large number of inscriptions in every edition of the MOV, the meeting of orienteering in Venice boasts participations from all over the world, attracted by the unmatched natural environment and cultural history that Venice offers during Mov Venezia.

Orienteering is a sport that was founded in Scandinavian countries in the late nineteenth century: after the first international orienteering race, held between Norway and Sweden in 1932, the discipline became popular in many European countries and the United States, even if its final breakthrough came in 1959 with the founding of the International Orienteering Federation. Orienteering offers various disciplines such as skiing, mountain biking, accuracy orienteering and running, which will be the protagonist of Mov Venice 2012.

Orienteering is essentially based on sense of direction: given a starting point and destination, with control points, participants have at their disposal only a small-scale topographic map and a compass. From start to finish the route is chosen by the athletes according to their sense of direction and the ability to use compass and map, trying to include all of the established control points - the so-called lanterns, with progressive numbers to define the distance covered. To mark a reached lantern, athletes use a punch or, in the biggest races, a chip (Sportident or Si-card) to record each lantern and then download the data at the arrival.

First-choice places for orienteering are forests and natural environments, even if historical centres of large cities are also generating interest.

In addition to the classic formula, where athletes start a few minutes from each other, there are also other ways to cover the route: relay, time race and free sequence.

Make sure to be in Venice for Mov Venice 2012! A day in the name of orienteering, which finds in Venice a perfect competition ground, thanks to the special urban structure and architecture of the city.

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By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 11 November 2012

Event location: Venice

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