24 July 2009

Cosmopolitan rock in ItalianThe summer festival at the Castello Scaligero of Villafranca presents one of the widest ranges of music on offer: after such names as Placebo, George Benson and Pooh high-octane rock returns under the guise of Negrita. Promoting their new studio album Helldorado, the group from Arezzo guided by their singer Pau take to the road once more after their previous series of adventures in Latin America enhanced their sound, not to mention their tribal incursions into Africa and a Jamaican- influenced reggae lilt. The opening track of the album, Che rumore fa la felicit, offers a perfect representation of the band: one of the very few on the Italian scene capable of offering solid music with an international air, with lyrics which disturb yet provoke. This summer's dates follows on from the success of their winter tour which filled the Palasport arena, and promises an equally adrenalin-packed night, made particularly intriguing by its taking place in the historic setting of the Scaliger castle.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 24 July 2009

Event location: Castello Scaligero, Villafranca - Verona

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