Nek in concerto

From 17 April 2009 to 20 April 2009

After 2 years away from the stage Nek is back with a new tour: starting on the 24th March the tour and new album show an artistic development, with a more electronic basis for the music and socially-aware lyrics combining with personal feelings and sentiments.With a career already spanning ten years Nek has found his direction in a refined pop music which pays attention to the lyrics, though without ever losing sight of rhythm and simplicity.

Emerging in 1992 Nek instantly displayed a noteworthy artistic talent and sensitivity with his songs which have also given him an international reputation: sales of the album Lei, gli amici e tutto il resto reached over 2 million in South America. His new album Unaltra direzione, with the featured single La voglia che non vorrei, demonstrates the personal evolution of the artist, showing a maturity which extends his creative horizons whilst remaining faithful to his own unique style.

Tickets for Bassano:Stalls numbered 38,00Gallery 30,00Tickets for Jesolo:Stalls numbered 35,00Gallery 25,00

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Period: From 17 April 2009 to 20 April 2009

Event location: Palazzo del turismo - Jesolo (Ve)

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