New Conversations - Vicenza Jazz 2015

twenty years of sounds, rhythms and visions

From 08 May 2015 to 17 May 2015


Finally one of the most anticipated events in Vicenza in 2015 is about to begin: New Conversations -Vicenza Jazz Festival! From 8 to 16 May 2015, the greatest masters of jazz will perform in the historic centre of the city of Palladio, creating an unmissable list of concerts in Vicenza, Italy where notes, sounds, colours and art come together in a perfect arrangement.

The first edition of the 'New Conversations - Vicenza Jazz', which took place back in 1996, was an immediate success, especially for the originality of this music concert in Vicenza designed to be a perfect encounter between jazz, which has always been considered a very emotional genre, and the historic locations of the Palladio city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Since then, the Jazz Festival in Vicenza has become the most important Vicenza, Italy event of live music: for ten days the Olympic Theatre (the oldest indoor theatre in the world built in 1585), ancient churches, historic buildings, theatres , auditoriums but also charming outdoor places like Campo Marzo and Piazza dei Signori in Corso Palladio will be involved in the Vicenza concerts. In addition, like every year, bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops, museums, libraries and exhibition venues will also be actively participating in the project.

Vicenza Italy Events is proud to present some of the dates in the dense calendar of Vicenza Jazz 2015:

6.30pm Juan Carlos Mestre
: Palazzo Chiericati houses the great Spanish poet and artist. You will be fascinated by this modern storyteller who knows how to weave reality and fantasy, creating a magical and enchanted atmosphere. Do not miss Juan Carlos Mestre at Vicenza Jazz 2015 Festival!

9pm  Memoria de la Noche: at the Olympic Theatre one of the most original concerts of Vicenza Jazz 2015. Classical music, jazz and poetry will merge into a truly unique show where the watchword is: improvisation. The protagonists are Sonig Tchakerian (violin), Peter Tonolo (sax), Roberto Rossi (trombone), Paul Birro (piano), Giancarlo Bianchetti (percussion) and the poet Juan Carlos Mestre (narrator, bandoneon)

10pm Luke Ligeti & Hypercolor Trio: son of one of the most important composers of the 1900s, Luca Ligeti will perform at the Jazz Festival in Vicenza, at the Astra Theatre, together with Hypercolor Trio, creating an unmissable spectacle of jazz music , noise, punk fusion and contemporary music.

9pm Tony Allen, Daddy G, Baba Sissoko, DJKhalab
: Piazza dei Signori one of the most interesting performances of live music. Vicenza events enthusiastically welcome four fringe artists, with different languages and cultures, but who have found in jazz music and African-American aesthetics their common denominator.

10 pm Max Ionata Hammond Trio and Gege Telesforo: the deep friendship between these artists is palpable even during their performances, which was born from the desire to make music together. At the Astra theatre, a great concert in Vicenza of live music: Max Ionata Hammond Trio and Gege Telesforo, will involve you with their groovy jazz, pop, swing and funk!

10pm Soft Machine Legacy & Keith Tippett
: started in 1966, this British band has quickly become the reference point for jazz rock, enriched with psychedelic rhythms, beats, progressive rock and electric jazz. Despite the large and coming and going of musicians that over the years has characterized the group's history, Soft Machine has continued to excite the audience with their music. At Vicenza Jazz 2015, they will be performing at the Astra Theatre in a show of jazz rock with funky modern propulsion. With Special Guest Keith Tippett, one of the most important pianists in the English jazz scene.

9pm  Arturo Sandoval Sextet
: the Vicenza Municipal Theatre is home to one of the legends of Cuban music. During his award-winning career, he worked as a jazz musician with Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion and Paul Anka, and then he entered the world of film making and composed soundtracks of major films. Don't miss the sextet of Arturo Sandoval, the most energetic trumpet in latin jazz! In the Jazz Festival of Vicenza a real talent of the brass instrument will warm the hearts with his effervescent Afro-Cuban rhythms.

9pm Gregory Porter Quintet
: He made his debut at the age of forty, but his baritone voice expressing the ardour of soul music, the suffering of the blues and bright melodic sense of jazz, takes him in a short time to achieve great results. In 2013  'Liquid Spirit', his third album with which he won the Grammy Award for best jazz vocal album was produced. At Vicenza Jazz 2015, at the Civic Theatre, do not miss the Vicenza live music of Gregory Porter Quintet.

9pm  Maria Schneider & Jazz Orchestra feat. Fabrizio Bosso
: as in the previous edition, Vicenza Jazz 2015 collaborates with Jazz Routes of Trento and Rovereto, creating a fantastic and large orchestra that will be magically directed by a living legend: Maria Schneider. Composer, director and arranger of the greatest big band in activities, she will star in this Vicenza Jazz Festival in 2015 at the Municipal Theatre, with an original production that will have as soloist the truly unique Fabrizio Bosso.

9pm Jan Garbarek Group feat. Trilok Gurtu Special Guest: the band of the Norwegian Jan Garbarek, already established at a global level, has found another key success in the fruitful collaboration with the extrovert and polyrhythmic percussionist Trilok Gurtu. At the Municipal Theatre, a very important evening on the upcoming concerts on the calendar of Vicenza Jazz 2015, where the incredible sound of Gararek's sax, similar to the human voice, combined with Gurtu's polyrhythmic virtuosity, will give life to a fusion of world ethnic elements, Scandinavian melodies and oriental rhythms.

9pm Anthony Braxton Quartet
: One of the concerts in Vicenza, Italy not to be missed by Anthony Braxton at the Vicenza Municipal Theatre. Saxophonist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, this extraordinary Chicago artist is one of the pillars of African-American music of the 20th century, a true master in bringing the jazz language closer to that of European contemporary music. At the Vicenza Jazz Festival 2015 he will perform with an interesting quartet, joined by young but talented musicians, already able to express their personality.

9pm Paolo Fresu, Richard Galliano, Jan Lundgren 'Mare Nostrum'
: a French accordionist, a Swedish pianist and an Italian trumpet player, are the components of this exceptional trio that will perform at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza concerts. Richard Galliano, Jan Lundgren and Paolo Fresu have always been able to fuse jazz with the traditional music of their countries of origin. 'Mare Nostrum' is a jazz concert with contemporary accents of French song and Swedish folklore, one of the most original events of Vicenza Jazz 2015

Vicenza New Conversations Festival 2015 of Jazz is part of the rich music proposal promoted by the Culture Department of the City of Vicenza and boasts the collaboration of prestigious sponsors and many operators in the sector, as well as the Veneto Region and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. The art direction of Vicenza Jazz 2015 - Vicenza New Conversations is entrusted once again to Riccardo Brazzale.

During New Conversations in Vicenza Jazz there will be many additional Vicenza events in 2015: besides the full calendar of upcoming concerts, art exhibitions, happenings, workshops and film and video screenings will be organized, a strong appeal for the international press, the insiders and for all jazz fans that will take part to the magnificent Vicenza Jazz Festival 2015!

Vicenza Jazz Festival 2015 will this year be in its 20th edition: twenty years of jazz music, sounds, rhythms and visions. Do not miss this great festival: book your hotel in Vicenza and participate in the incredible concerts in Vicenza, Italy for the Vicenza Jazz Festival in 2015!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 08 May 2015 to 17 May 2015

Event location: Vicenza