Nightbook Tour - Ludovico Einaudi in concert

17 July 2010

Considered one of the most influential representatives of minimalist music, the 1960s genre which started in the US from the compositions of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Steve Reich e La Monte Young, Ludovico Einaudi is a pianist who, despite not being a pop artist, has none the less become a real chart success. The influences of the American genre are evident in his melodic and rythmic elements, also in the simple architectures where tone and harmony have a fundamental role, and in the insertions of electric sounds and much more, yet under many aspects Einaudis music has its own distinctive mark. Amongst the notes of this Turin born composer with classic studies, who has also been part of jazz rock bands with Perigeo style, something strictly private is hidden: a mood, a necessity describing inner feelings, a narrative idea, almost like a story to read with ones eyes closed such is the clarity of the ambient that his music depicts. Besides his cinema and theatre works, there are also pieces such as I Giorni, Le Onde, Una mattina and Divenire. They describe, at its best, the potential of his music, capable of bringing together the most demanding critics and the wider public: it is evident that beyond the formal and sometimes daring pieces, the cultured citations, the multi-faced executions, as well as the many different elements that one might be able to recognize, there exists a beauty that touches everybody and that Ludovico Einaudi is capable of dispensing without too many elitisms, whilst avoiding to dilute or diminish his uniquely rich artistic journey.His Nightbook tour, the latest meditative chapter in his work and also a chart topper in the classical music section, is without a doubt one of the best examples of how his intimate and touching atmospheres can be transposed and amplified within a live dimension. The evening concert at theAnfiteatro Camerini within the Piazzola Live Festival on July 17th will certainly be the ideal occasion to enjoy the mastery of this talented and widely acclaimed composer who has seen many door openings in the most important theatres around the world.

The new live show will have Einaudi on stage accompanied by Robert Lippok, (electronics Federico Mecozzi (violin and guitar Mauro Durante (violin and drums Antonio Leofreddi (viola) and Marco Decimo (cello).

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 17 July 2010

Event location: Anfiteatro Camerini - Piazzola sul Brenta (PD)

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