Ninetieth Venini 1921-2011

From 26 February 2011 to 10 July 2011

The firm symbol of Murano that has been able to put together glass tradition and design within truly unmatched creations, appreciated all over the world. The pieces of Venini are first of all forms of art and objects that enhance their surrounding space thanks to exclusive shapes and reflections. Many innovative techniques are used, amongst them the pulegoso glass, that is to say glass dotted with air bubbles crating a very peculiar effect. Research innovation and innovation have always been the peculiarities of this prestigious Venetian firm, which is this year celebrating 90 years and is honoured in this exhibition containing the masterpieces that have made its name renowned. This is a moving exhibition that will start in Murano and will then visit the most impotant cities in the world. The first floor of the museum will house around 100 pieces by such artists as Vittorio Zecchin, Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, Fulvio Bianconi, Ludovico Diaz de Santillana, Gae Aulenti e the Campana brothers.

Celeber is the Ambassy glass set that Venini has been making since 1936 for Italian embassies, contributing this way to the charme and elegance that Italians are known for everywhere. Opening times: 10a.m.-6p.m. (ticket office 10a.m.-4.30a.m.). From 1st April: 10a.m.-6a.m.(ticket office 10a.m.-5.30a.m.).

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 26 February 2011 to 10 July 2011

Event location: Museo del Vetro - Murano (VE)