Nordicwalkingvenice 2012: Nordic walking is back in Venice, the most pedestrian friendly city in the world

From 22 September 2012 to 23 September 2012

After the great success of the last event, nordicwalkinvenice - one of the most original events in Venice - is back on 23rd September 2012.Held for the first time in 2011, this exciting event of Nordic walking in Venice along the bridges, alleyways and small squares of the city has had so much success that it has been added again to the sports Venice events in 2012, with some important new features.

This years Nordic Walking walk will follow two separate routes soon after the start, one for 16 km through some of the most enchanting areas of Venice, and another for 10 km coinciding with last years Nordic Walking but with the added feature of having the opportunity to walk with a Venice tourist guide who will inform you of the most important historic, cultural and artistic wonders along the way.

Nordicwalkinvenice is a non competitive race in Venice which combines Nordic walking with the magic of Venice and is organized by the Nordic Walking Mestre Association to promote and support Nordic walking in Venice. This non competitive race weaves its way along routes designed to avoid the most congested sections of Venice whilst still including areas of unmatched beauty.

For the second time Venice a city on water that can be visited almost exclusively on foot will be combined with this sporting activity imported from the cold expanses of Finland: Nordic Walking is nothing more than a walk made more fluid and dynamic thanks to the use of walking sticks.

Nordic Walking will take place over two days in Venice and Parco San Giuliano in Mestre, and will attract numerous local groups, such as the Italian Nordic Walking School and the Nordic Walking Venice.

On Saturday 22nd September nordicwalkinvenice will be added to the array of events in Parco San Giuliano, a day in the name of training and practice with introductory lessons and guided walks along the nature trails of Parco San Giuliano where you will be able to enter this event by enrolling on 15th, 16th and 22nd September.

The event will take place in Venice on Sunday 23rd September following two different routes: 10 or 26 km, both starting from the train station forecourt and arriving at Saint Elena Gardens. The 10k Nordic walking will also include a five language tourist guide, available at a small extra charge for groups including a minimum of 30 people.Both routes of Nordic Walking in Venice will be marshalled in the busiest crossings and the busiest sections. Drinking stations and medical assistance will be available along the two routes.

Do not miss Nordic Walking: two days of tourism, culture and sport in Venice for one of the most original sports events in Italy in 2012.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff