The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail and Cortina Trail 2015

Two exciting races of trail running in the Dolomites

From 25 June 2015 to 28 June 2015


From 25th to 27th June 2015 two of the most important and difficult Italy running races 2015 return to Cortina d'Ampezzo in Veneto: the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, a very tough Dolomites running race among nature and fabulous scenery, and also the shortest Cortina Trail.

Now in its 9th edition, the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail is one of the most anticipated Italy running events in Cortina d'Ampezzo for lovers of the sport, a challenge that every year puts to the test runners, both professional and amateur, from around the world. An extraordinary night race that winds through the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their grandeur and their rare beauty.

The Cortina Trail in 2015 celebrates the 4th edition of an exciting race created alongside the Lavaredo Ultra Trail and dedicated to those who want to experiment with a less challenging but equally spectacular landscape.

The beginning of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2015 is scheduled for the evening of 26th June, from the historic centre of Cortina d'Ampezzo. At the start of the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Corso Italia will be lit by the headlamps worn by participants, a long and spectacular snake that enchants the city every summer!

The path of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, 119 km with a vertical drop of 5,850 metres, touches the most beautiful and spectacular places in the Dolomites: Monte Cristallo, Tofane, Cinque Torri, and the ever-present mountains with their unmistakable shape that give the name to the Lavaredo Ultra Trail: the Tre Cime.

The Lavaredo trail race is an incredible experience that engages hundreds of athletes: the competition includes champions who are able to cross the finish line in just 12 hours, but there are also amateurs and fans of the Cortina trail marathon, who will have a maximum of 30 hours to return to Cortina.

The requirements to participate in the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, considered one of the most difficult races of trail running in Veneto, are: to have had good training, experience in the mountains,  a head for heights and suitable clothing to suit various weather conditions and temperature that can go from + 30°C to - 5°C.

In addition to the main competition, the program of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2015 provides for another two races of trail running with shorter routes: the aforementioned Cortina Trail, which starts on 27th June at 8 am and the 1st edition of the Cortina Skyrace, starting on 25th June at 5pm.

Participants at the Cortina Trail 2015 will travel about 47 km, with a vertical drop of 2,650 metres, in a maximum time of 12 hours. This running race in the Dolomites is dedicated especially to the athletes who want to exceed the limit of 42 km, the typical distance of a marathon.

The Skyrace Cortina, a big new event in Cortina d'Ampezzo - Summer 2015, provides a distance of approximately 20 km with a vertical drop of 1,000 m. Steep grassy and rocky slopes make participants laboriously conquer Fork Zumeles, the highest point of the race that will give them a breathtaking view of the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada and the mountains that surround it: the Tofane, Monte Cristallo, le Cinque Torri (the Five towers), Pelmo and Civetta.

Sport, in Cortina, has always had a major role ... Over the years, the Lavaredo Ultra Trail has become one of the most important national and international races. The first edition of the race in the Dolomites, then called 'Lavaredo Ecomarathon,' took place in 2007, with start and finish at Rifugio Auronzo over a distance of about 42 km. The organization was rather simple: path signalling path was just enough, with no refreshments along the way and an opportunity to drink water only from the natural sources. Year after year, the race changed dramatically changing the place of departure, the route, and the difficulty. Already in 2010 the route reached 90 km, the start and finish were moved to Auronzo di Cadore, path signalling was much more accurate and several refreshment points for athletes were positioned. 2010 also marks the booming enrolment for the Lavaredo Ultra Trail: 500 places sold out in less than 24 hours, that was successfully replicated the following year with 600 athletes registered on the first day alone. In 2012, with the arrival of 'The North Face' as the main sponsor, the Lavaredo Ultra Trail moved its logistics base to Cortina d'Ampezzo, lengthening the path until 120 km with a vertical drop of just under 6,000 m. In the same year, associated with the main competition, two running races in the Dolomites were initiated, Cortina and Cortina Skyrace Trail Running, both starting and finishing in the town of Ampezzo.

Today the Ultra Trail of the Peaks of Lavaredo is one of the toughest races and the most anticipated by athletes from all over the world, ready to test themselves relying on their own resources and their spirit of survival. Waiting for them will be a postcard scenery: Lake Misurina, the Falzarego Pass, the Val Renza, the Malga Ra Stua, Pian de Loa and Rifugio Croda da Lago, are just some of the fabulous scenery of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail programme.

From 25th to 27th June do not miss the most exciting Lavaredo Ultra Trail Cortina in 2015! The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Cortina Trail and Cortina Skyrace: three fantastic foot races in the Dolomites to approach trail running in a magical mountain scenery. Book one of our hotels in Cortina d'Ampezzo: the Queen of the Dolomites and an unforgettable experience are waiting for you!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 25 June 2015 to 28 June 2015

Event location: Cortina d'Ampezzo and surroundings

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