Notti Shakespeariane

11 October 2008

The 11th October sees the dance company of the Teatro Nuovo Torino, one of the greatest Italian companies (famous also internationally perform an evocative production based on two of Shakepseares most loved works: A Midsummers Nights Dream and Romeo and Juliet. Combining all of the bards comedy and tragedy, fantasy and romance, delicacy and fire, the music used is by Felix Mendelssohn and Sergei Prokofiev. The two great composers have their work revisited in a modern key by the inspiration of the American choreographer Robert North, and the Cuban Ramona De Saa. A perfect blend of music and dance to give praise to the dramaturgy of the greatest playwright of the English language.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 11 October 2008

Event location: Teatro Goldoni, Venice

San Marco, 4650/B
30100 Venice (VE)
Web site:
Ticket office: 041.2402014

Tel: 041.2402011
FAX: 041.5205241