Openights 2016

A month of great live concerts in Northern Italy in two exceptional locations

From 08 July 2016 to 06 August 2016


The music festival OpeNights, one of the most appreciated events of recent years in the city of Vicenza, will take place once again this summer. From 8 July to 6 August, the Olympic Theatre and Palazzo Leoni Montanari will open their beautiful gardens to host some of the most anticipated evening concerts in Vicenza in 2016!

OpeNights 2016 showcases nine evening concerts in Italy of great music ... Swing, Flamenco, jazz, bossa nova and Italian song writing will be played on the stage offering participants a fascinating journey through rhythms and very different styles of music.

Now in its fifth edition, 'OpenNight Vicenza - music under the stars' has already become one of the most anticipated events in Vicenza, loved by both music aficionados and those who want to simply relax with a drink and listen to great live music.

The OpeNights 2016 program is run by the Vicenza Quartet Society and organized thanks to the collaboration of Intesa Sanpaolo and the Thelonious School of Music. The event is part of the rich calendar of events Vicenza in 2016 that, in the summer months, showcases the project 'The Summer in Vicenza' promoted by the City of Vicenza and the Veneto Region to involve the entire city with initiatives and various events.

The added value of these special music concerts in Vicenza is undoubtedly the locations. Magnificent example of Baroque art of the late 17th century, Palazzo Leoni Montanari is home to a renowned museum that houses important works of Venetian painting of the 18th century as well as a valuable collection of ancient Russian icons; the Olympic Theatre needs no introduction: it is the pride of the city of Vicenza and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage monuments. Designed by Andrea Palladio in the late 16th century, the Olympic Theatre is the oldest permanent covered theatre of the modern era.

OpeNights 2016 foresees musical events of various kinds ... Accompanied by a glass of Prosecco, you will listen to Italian swing and flamenco, jazz and bossa nova as well as Italian songs, not to mention the evenings dedicated to great artists and bands from the history of world music.

Friday, July 8 OpeNights 2016 will kick-off with 'A tutto swing - Italian swing by Natalino Otto, Kramer, Rabagliati and Buscaglione, without forgetting the Voice' that will see the performance of the trio composed of Stefano Torre (vocals and ukulele), Roberto Antona (guitar) and Ivano Bellon (clarinet).

Friday, July 15 will showcase 'Dancing under the stars: Flamenco rhythm' with Elizabeth Mascitelli and Rossano Tosi (dancers), Jose Salguero (vocals) and Alberto Rodriguez (guitar).

Saturday, July 16 OpeNights Vicenza dedicates an evening to one of the most important musical artists of the 20th century, Miles Davis.

Friday, July 22 'Beatles Night' with Ettore Martin (sax), Diego Ferrarin (guitars), Alberto Crivelletto (flute) and Stefania Cavedon (cello) who will play some of the most famous songs of the British band in an original mix of jazz and classical music.

Saturday, 23 July 2016 OpeNights Vicenza features another tribute evening, this time dedicated to Tom Jobim, the father of a musical genre that has conquered the world.

Friday, July 29, the duo by Patrizia Laquidara and Ilaria Fantin presents the great music of Italian songwriters ... Endrigo, Tenco, De Andrè and many others for an evening not to be missed!

Saturday, July 30th in the gardens of the Olympic Theatre, OpeNights Vicenza showcases song writing with the special event 'Luigi Tenco Night': Alan Bedin (vocals), Gigi Sella (sax) and Marco Ponchiroli (piano) will give voice to the famous songs of this great Italian poet and songwriter.

The last weekend of OpeNights event in Vicenza in 2016 begins on Friday, August 5 with the evening 'Love in Venice - Songs and love stories during the Venice Republic': an exciting journey to discover music and love songs, both frivolous and passionate, in Venetian times, with the ensemble of 'Andrea Palladio', Floriana Fornarelli (soprano), Stefano Boesso (bassoon), Enrico Zanovello (harpsichord) and Pino Costalunga (narrator).

Great conclusion on Saturday, August 6 with 'Duke Ellington Night' that will see the masters of the Thelonious music school reinterpret the greatest hits of the 'Duke'.


Openights - Full program events of Vicenza Events 2016

Friday, July 8: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.45 - Taste of art: The donkey ears, from Midas to Pinocchio. History and background of a baroque fresco
  • 21.15 - Concert 'FULL SWING'

Friday, July 15: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.45 - Taste of art: dance steps in the ancient Attic and Greek vases

Saturday, July 16: garden of the Olympic Theatre

  • 21.15 - MILES DAVIS night

Friday, July 22: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.45 - Taste of art: British artists and arts patrons in Veneto between seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
  • 21.15 - BEATLES night

Saturday, July 23: Olympic Theatre garden

  • 21.15 - TOM JOBIM night

Friday, July 29: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.45 - Taste of art: a saint named Friday. Analysis of the icon of Santa Parasceve
  • 21.15 - Concert SONGS OF AUTHOR

Saturday, July 30: Olympic Theatre garden

  • 21.15 - LUIGI TENCO night

Friday, July 5: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.45 - Taste of art: courtship and marriage at the time of Pietro Longhi

Saturday, July 6: the Olympic Theatre garden

  • 21.15 - DUKE ELLINGTON night


In case of bad weather the concerts scheduled in the courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari will be held in the Apollo Hall; the concerts at the Olympic Theatre garden will be postponed to another date.

Once more this year's the numerous events in Vicenza in 2016 are ready to give you unique emotions! Among the various events of the summer, be sure not to miss OpeNights 2016! Established artists and young music talents will be the protagonists of nine captive evenings of live music under the stars, in the beautiful settings of Palazzo Leoni Montanari and the Olympic Theatre.

Book one of our beautiful hotels in Vicenza and enjoy summer in the city of Palladio: music, art and culture are waiting for you!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff