Openights 2017

A month of great live concerts in Northern Italy in two exceptional locations

From 07 July 2017 to 11 August 2017

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The music festival OpeNights, one of the most appreciated events of recent years in the city of Vicenza, will take place once again this summer. From 7 July to 11 August, the Olympic Theatre and Palazzo Leoni Montanari will open their beautiful gardens to host some of the most anticipated evening concerts in Vicenza in 2017!

OpeNights 2017 showcases ten evening concerts in Italy of great music ... Swing, flamenco, jazz, bossa nova and many other exciting performances will be played on the stage offering participants a fascinating journey through rhythms and very different styles of music.

Now in its sixth edition, 'OpenNight Vicenza - music under the stars' has already become one of the most anticipated events in Vicenza, loved by both music aficionados and those who want to simply relax with a drink and listen to great live music.

The OpeNights 2017 program is run by the Vicenza Quartet Society and organized thanks to the collaboration of Intesa Sanpaolo and the Thelonious School of Music. The event is part of the rich calendar of events Vicenza in 2017 that, in the summer months, showcases the project 'The Summer in Vicenza' promoted by the City of Vicenza and the Veneto Region to involve the entire city with initiatives and various events.

The added value of these special music concerts in Vicenza is undoubtedly the locations. Magnificent example of Baroque art of the late 17th century, Palazzo Leoni Montanari is home to a renowned museum that houses important works of Venetian painting of the 18th century as well as a valuable collection of ancient Russian icons; the Olympic Theatre needs no introduction: it is the pride of the city of Vicenza and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage monuments. Designed by Andrea Palladio in the late 16th century, the Olympic Theatre is the oldest permanent covered theatre of the modern era.

OpeNights 2017 foresees musical events of various kinds. Inspirited by a glass of Prosecco, you will find a wide range of music genres featured, from Italian swing to flamenco, jazz and bossa nova, without forgetting many other completely new events.

Friday, July 7 OpeNight Vicenza 2017 will kick off with 'Migrants, A Flute Odissey' performed by Carlo Nicita. Original compositions and improvisation in an incessant dialogue with the surrounding space and the audience ... The sound of Nicita’s flute conjures up dreams, hopes and intense emotions.

Sunday, July 9 will host 'Alice's room': Alice Testa leads her unrivalled quartet for an evening that blends jazz, folk, rock and original music!

Friday, July 14 Vicenza events 2017 devotes an evening to one of the most eclectic composers of the European scene, Giovanni Falzone. A cozy and capturing concert where classical, contemporary and jazz music intertwine, with forays into Bach’s and Verdi’s repertoires.

On Saturday, July 15, Alma Swing brings back to life the world of vinyl and the sound of the gramophone with manouche guitars and violins.

On Friday, July 21, the magic voice of Naomi Berrill will enchant the courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari with 'From the Ground'. Voice and cello for a re-interpretation of some of the best known arias of acclaimed composers... Schümann, Debussy Emiliana Torrini, Pete Seeger, ...

The evening of Friday, July 28 at OpeNights Vicenza is dedicated to Arsene Duevi music, an exceptional performer from Togo, who sings in the ewe language evoking wild African landscapes.

On Saturday, July 30, the Short Wave quintet will premiere their second CD at Openights 2017, the result of a ten-year collaboration between guitarist Michele Calgaro and Russian trumpeter Alex Sipiagin.

On Friday, August 4, Roberto Zanisi will showcase all his talent for string instruments, Turkish cuzmbüs and Greek buzouki, with arrangements and overdubbing reminiscent of rebetiko.

On Saturday, August 5, Olimpico OpeNights Vicenza will see Rosa Emilia Dias and Paolo Vianello captivating the audience with their love of Brazilian music and especially bossa nova.

The line-up of live events in Vicenza of OpeNights 2017 will wrap up on Friday, August 11 with 'Jesus Christ Superstar': Valerio Scrignoli will stage a solo performance, almost as if to emphasize the unique relationship we all have with our God.

Openights - Full programme of Vicenza events 2017

All the events held in the courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari will be preceded by a short reading dedicated to one of the gallery artworks ideally linked to the musical theme of the evening.

Friday, July 7: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.30 – Assaggi d’arte: Nel segno di Dioniso’ - Creative reading of an ancient vase. Wind instruments and dance steps in the classical world, between reality and myth.
  • 21.15 - 'Migrants, A Flute Odissey' - Carlo Nicita flutes and electronics

Sunday, July 9: Garden of the Olympic Theater

  • 21.15 - 'Alice's Room' - Alice Testa 4tet: Alice Head voice; Matteo Alfonso piano; Lorenzo Conte double bass; Paolo Birro drums

Friday, July 14: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.30 - Assaggi d’arte: ' Il viaggio interiore di un eroe' - Creative reading of a fresco. History of Aeneas in Louis Dorigny's Art.
  • 21.15 - 'Dialogo con me stesso' - Giovanni Falzone trumpet and electronics

Saturday, July 15: Garden of the Olympic Theater

  • 21.15 - 'Manouche' - Alma Swing: Mattia Martorano violin; Lino Brotto solo guitar; Andrea Boschetti guitar; Beppe Pilotto bass

Friday, July 21: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.30 - Assaggi d'arte: Uomini di terra’ - Creative reading of a painting. The landscape and the inhabited places of Francesco Guardi's anguished paintings.
  • 21.15 - 'From The Ground' - Naomi Berrill voice and cello

Friday July 28: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.30 - Art Tests: ‘In te si rallegra ogni creatura’ - Creative reading of a "musical" icon inspired by a sacred hymn. Colors and shapes in ancient Russian iconography.
  • 21.15 - 'Haya: Inno alla Vita' - Arsene Duevi voice, guitar and bass

Saturday July 29: Garden of the Olympic Theater

  • 21.15 – ‘Contemporary Jazz’ - Short Wave 5tet: Alex Sipiagin trumpet; Robert Bonisolo sax; Michele Calgaro double bass; Mauro Beggio drums

Friday, August 4: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.30 - Assaggi d'arte: Lezione di clavicembalo’ - Creative reading of a painting. Musical passion during Pietro Longhi's time
  • 21.15 - 'Bradipo Tridattilo' - Roberto Zanisi bouzuki and cümbüs

Saturday, August 5: Garden of the Olympic Theater

  • 21.15 - ‘Non Solo Bossa’ - Rosa Emilia Dias voice; Paolo Vianello plan

Friday, August 11: Courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari

  • 20.30 - Assaggi d'arte: ‘La caduta degli angeli ribelli’ - Creative reading of a sculpture. The fight of good and evil in the fiery fantasy of Agostino Fasolato
  • 21.15 - 'Jesus Christ Superstar' - Valerio Writes voice, guitar and electronics

In case of bad weather the concerts scheduled in the courtyard of Palazzo Leoni Montanari will be held in the Apollo Hall; the concerts at the Olympic Theatre garden will be postponed to another date.

Once more this year’s the numerous Vicenza concerts 2017 are ready to give you unique emotions! Among the various events of the summer, be sure not to miss OpeNights 2017! Established artists and young music talents will be the protagonists of ten captive evenings of live music under the stars, in the beautiful settings of Palazzo Leoni Montanari and the Olympic Theatre.

Book one of our beautiful hotels in Vicenza and enjoy summer in the city of Palladio: music, art and culture are waiting for you!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff