Opera Festival at the Verona Arena 2012: from June to September the magic of opera is once again enchanting Verona

From 22 June 2012 to 02 September 2012

Aida, Verdis most famous opera, opened the first opera festival at the Verona Arena in the distant 1913. Thanks to the great success from the onset, the Opera Festival of the Verona Arena immediately entered the world opera Hall of Fame. During the first opera festival, the Verona Arena inaugurated a new scenic style, with the abandonment of traditional theatre arrangements and instead the use of three-dimensional elements, such as statues and marble columns, and giving rise to a peculiar scenic style that today still characterizes the Opera Festival of the Verona Arena. Since then the success of the Opera Festival has been constantly rising , attracting year after year spectators from all over the world, that come to the Verona Arena to join the magic of the Opera Festival. A celebrated roman amphitheatre built around 2,000 years ago, the Verona Arena maintained during the past centuries an important role in the cultural and public life of the city of Verona. Now celebrated as one of the most renowned stages in the world, every year the Verona Arena hosts events of great acclaim. Amongst these a place of honour is claimed by the Opera Festival, which brings to the Verona Arena great international artists: one need only think that Maria Callas, the undisputed opera queen, had her debut at the Verona Arenas Opera Festival with La Gioconda of Ponchielli.

Now in its 90th edition, the Opera Festival will take place from June 22nd until 2nd September bringing to the Verona Arena renowned operas known throughout the world. Love will be the common thread of the next opera season, interpreted in different ways in the six operas to be staged: the passion of Mozarts Don Giovanni and the sacrifice of Verdis Aida, the seduction of Bizets Carmen and the immortal union of Gounods Romeo and Juliet, the cold heart of Turandot and the despair of Tosca, both operas of the great Puccini. Mozarts Don Giovanni will be presented for the first time at the Opera Festival 2012, with its debut in the Verona Arena in the opening evening of the Opera Festival. From June to September the Opera Festival in the Verona Arena is waiting for you with fifty not to be missed events in the name of Opera and the many facets of love.

Full listing of the opera festival at the Verona Arena and to purchase tickets: www.arena.it

By Insidecom Editorial Staff