Orange Flag Event of the TCI in Veneto

13 October 2013

On 13 October 2013, the Orange Flag event of the Touring Club of Italy will involve numerous Italians in a big party open to everyone! Montagnana, Arqu Petrarca, Mel, Sappada and Soave are the towns which will join the Bandiere Arancioni in Veneto initiative.

The Bandiere Arancioni of the Touring Club Italiano are given to villages and towns that stand for quality and hospitality. Protection of the environment and resources, cultural heritage, catering, accommodation and typical products are some of the factors that contribute to winning this prestigious award: the orange flag towns and villages are committed to the sustainable development of tourism and the accolade is verified by the Bandiere Arancioni TCI every three years.Year after year the Bandiere Arancioni Touring Club aims to promote these lesser known municipalities, by celebrating these enchanting Italian locations certified by the Touring Club of Italy with Padua events and Verona, Italy events, shows, guided tours and activities for adults and children.

The two medieval towns of Arqu Petrarca and Montagnana will represent the province of Padua on the day of the Orange Flags in Veneto 2013.

In an atmosphere of ancient times and local products Arqu Petrarca, the beautiful resort where the great Francesco Petrarca spent the last years of his life, will be hosting shows, characters, dancing and flag-wavers as part of the Touring Club in Padova. Not forgetting that there will also be one the most important events in Padua, Italy - in Arqu Petrarca 2013 - the festival of the Jujube fruit! In Montagnana, the Touring Club Padova events, 2013 for the Giornata Bandiere Arancione include many free guided tours to the most important sites of the town, including the courtyard of the San Zeno Castle, the Civic Museum of 'Antonio Giacomelli', the Arena Hall and the historic centre of Montagnana. Just some of the great events in Padua within the thirteenth and fourteenth century walls!In addition the province of Belluno has two municipalities included in the Giornata Bandiere Arancioni 2013.

The Bandiere Arancioni 2013 is offering free guided tours to the old ice house in the historic centre and the fascinating Archaeological Museum in Mel (Belluno) on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13; along with activities for children and 'Mele Mel', the famous event that combines crafts and local products in courtyards of the splendid palaces of the town. For the Giornata Bandiere Arancioni Touring Verona events in October, 2013 will organize scenic routes to discover the villages of the ancient Sappada and delicious tastings of local specialties.

Verona events 2013 include Soave: the only Bandiere Arancioni Touring Club to participate for the province of Verona. Numerous guided tours of the historic old town and neighbouring villages will be organised, as well as the unique Museum del Gioco, located in the park of Soave, and boasting its permanent exhibition of toys from around the world.13 October is a great opportunity to discover these extraordinary places appointed by the Orange Flag in Italy! Arqu Petrarca, Montagnana, Mel, Sappada and Soave are offering a day of culture, folklore and events!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 13 October 2013

Event location: Orange Flag towns and villages in Veneto

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