Out There

From 14 September 2008 to 23 November 2008

Architecture Beyond BuildingThe 11th International Exhibition of Architecture, directed by Aaron Betsky and organised by the Fondazione Biennale takes place at the Arsenale and in the public gardens exhibition space. Betsky, director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) of Rotterdam, and last year head of the Cincinnati Art Museum, has chosen the title: Out There: Architecture Beyond Building. A subtle yet revolutionary concept, a challenge to renew architecture and to look for solutions for feeling at home in the world of today. And for this, says Betsky, architecture is not about building: it must go past buildings, because buildings are simply not a sufficient reality. There are large and expensive accumulations of natural resources which are difficult to adapt to modern society. He continues, The exhibition has gathered and encourages experimentation: ephemeral structures, visions of other worlds or tangible proofs of a better world. I dont want to show existing structures which you can enjoy in real life. I dont want to offer abstract solutions to social problems, but rather to see whether architecture, experimenting in and with reality, can offer concrete forms and seductive images. The 11th Exhibition thus presents manifestos of intent and utopian scenes. 23 installations will be on display at the Arsenale, and in the Padiglione Italia in the Giardini experimental works from 55 international studios are on view, together with the so-called Masters of the Experiment.

Opening times: 10a.m. 6p.m.

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Period: From 14 September 2008 to 23 November 2008

Event location: Giardini and Arsenale , Venice

Contacts: Telephone: 041 5218711
Fax: 041 5218812
Further information: http://www.labiennale.org/it/architettura/