Padua April Photography 2009. Forms of Identity

From 04 April 2009 to 20 June 2009

Forms of Identity is the title of the fifth edition of the international event Padua April Photography. The exhibition takes as its theme the concept of identity in its interaction with the real world and thus from the human, social and cultural point of view, searching for answers and a common link between existence and reality which appear light years apart. The answer exists, and is always present to the observer, to diverse sensitivities, each with a particular capacity to grasp the aspects near to their own situation or even to their individual ideal.

For the same reasons the theme, so vast and articulate, has been approached through the lenses of the photographers who view the world from (and through) their own perspective, offering continually a truth which makes one reflect, which often lies concealed behind a facade of a building or an ambiguous expression.

The event consists of three exhibitions: a collective entitled 10 Golden Photographs, and two individual shows, one dedicated to Douglas Kirkland and the other to the photographer Peter Feldstein and the writer Stephen G. Bloom, entitled The Oxford Project.Kirklands Portraits begins on 4th April at the Museo Civico del Santo and attempts to mine the depths of the subjects: 60 works in both colour and black and white move through the world of show business, catching glimpses of the subjects humanity and spontaneity: amongst others, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro and scientist Stephen Hawking. The exhibition runs until 24 May. The Oxford Project starts on 4 April at the Galleria Sottopasso della Stua and offers a type of American narration in images: photographs going back to 1984 of every single resident of the small community of Oxford (USA); twenty years later portraits of the same people. Thus the project demonstrates an almost anthropological study of the concept of personal identity, its transience and permanence. The third exhibition, 10 Golden Photographs, takes place at the Museo Diocesano ,and gathers together works by Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Luca Campigotto, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Mario Cresci, Mario De Biasi, Franco Fontana, Paolo Gioli, Guido Guidi, Mimmo Jodice, Fulvio Roiter, and Marco Zanta. Each workd focuses again on the concept of identity. INFO: Centro Nazionale di Photography Palazzo Zuckermann - Corso Garibaldi, 29 Padua Tel. + 39 049 8204518 / 8204530 Fax + 39 049 8204532

By Insidecom Editorial Staff