Padua Couture. Arts & Crafts in the world of Fashion

From 13 November 2008 to 21 December 2008

Harking back to the Renaissance, the master craftsmen of the area will come to exhibit their wares in Paduas sumptuous Palazzo della Ragione, one of the largest covered spaces in Italy. The exhibition traces the history of fashion and Italian couture from antiquity to the present. Curated by Maria Beatrice Autizi the show highlights the techniques and genius of Venetian craftsmen through clothes, accessories, jewellery and footwear. Three sections focus on the past, present, and contemporary eras of Italian fashion. The first part consists of photographic reproductions of paintings and frescoes housed in the Eremitani Museum in Padua to reconstruct changing tastes and trends through history. The second part displays articles created by local craftsmen in the 1900s, some on show for the first time. Two great names stand out in this section: Eleonora Duse and Pierre Cardin, the designer originally from the Veneto who achieved worldwide fame from his base in Paris. Two costumes are on display to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Eleonora Duse, the great actress, one designed by Mariano Fortuny. The final section offers over 60 contemporary outfits designed and manufactured for the occasion by 40 Venetian studios, together with almost 200 pieces of jewellery. Accompanying events will run throughout the duration of the exhibition.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 13 November 2008 to 21 December 2008

Event location: Palazzo della Ragione - Padova