Padua Photo-Graphia 2014

exhibitions, meetings and events dedicated to the world of photography

From 22 March 2014 to 07 June 2014


From 22 March to 7 June the 'Padova Photo-Graphia 2014. Timeline' will show the fascinating photographic Padova exhibition in some famous venues in the old town, including the Centro Culturale Altinate Padova San Gaetano, the Galleria Cavour in Padova and Palazzo Zuckermann in Padova. The Padua events aim to promote photography as documentary material and means of expression of contemporary society.

Now in its 3rd edition, Padua Photo-Graphia 2014 deals with a 'time' theme: Timeline wants to create a transition between past and contemporary photography through the history of this expressive medium by presenting the new emerging figures in contemporary photography.

The idea of this theme for the Palazzo Zuckerman events stems from the sad anniversary which falls in 2014: 11 March 1944, the Church degli Eremitani - one of the most important venues of photo exhibitions in Padua, with works by the artists Guariento, Giusto Menabuoi and Mantegna - was severely damaged by the bombing that struck Padua during the Second world War. At Palazzo Zuckermann, the Padua exhibitions of Photo-Grafia offers the opportunity to relive the events of the church after the bombing, from the reconstruction of the building to the recovery of the artistic heritage, thanks to the historic photos from the archives of Padua Photography of the Superintendent and of the City. The 'Foto storiche di Padova. Il bombardamento della Chiesa degli Eremitani' from 12 April to 25 May at Palazzo Zuckermann in Padova from 10am to 7pm is closed Mondays and 1 May.

Below is an overview of the exhibitions organized by Padova Photo-Graphia 2014:

'Strange Worlds by Matthew Albanese' 22:03 to 13:05 - Galleria Cavour Padova times 10am-1pm/3pm-7pm, closed Mondays and 1 May

At the Galleria Cavour of Padova, the Strange Worlds exhibition presents the work of American photographer Matthew Albanese, famous for creating dioramas of different sizes in the representation of a landscape or a natural event. Sea, volcanoes, lightning, weeping willows.. the micro-worlds of Strange Worlds are plastic and meticulously made using only simple materials and a masterful game of depth and lighting. The diorama brings to mind the Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre's experiments - the inventor of the daguerreotype photographic process - which led to the invention of photography. The exhibition at the Galleria Civica Cavour in Padova will offer the opportunity to get in touch with the concurrence of the diorama, seen from Matthew Albanese as a tool to reconstruct and experiment with materials in order to create a single image.

'In-quieti sconfinamenti' 5 April to 2 June - Centro Culturale Altinate - Padova from 10am to 7pm, closed on Mondays and 1 May

At the Cultural Centre of San Gaetano in Padova Photo-Graphia 2014 exhibitions continue with 'In-quieti sconfinamenti', a reflection of the relationship between space / time through the work of three European photographers from different backgrounds and training.

Swiss-Italian - Christian Tagliavini photography exhibition, author of a series of Christian Tagliavini prints inspired by some of the masters of the Renaissance: surrounded by an absolute atmosphere, nine contemporaries figures cross space and time in an unusual mix of photography, fashion and painting at the Christian Tagliavini gallery.

The Belgian conceptual photographer Xavier Delory uses photography as a tool to reflect the transformations of urban space over time. The Centro Culturale di Altinate, Padova, will be transported in a surreal Magritte atmosphere, where ancient and modern buildings are transformed and distorted.

Rosa Isabel Vazquez, Spanish photographer who works with Jose Antonio Fernandez in the duo Rojo Sache, was able to give life to a poetic picture where the landscapes are wrapped in a dreamlike atmosphere. The Cultural Centre of San Gaetano in Padua will be immersed in an atmosphere that escapes space and time, a projection of the feelings and emotions by Rosa Isabel Vazquez photography.

'1967 Trip to Afghanistan and India with the Fiat 600. Francesco Carmignoto and Francesco Ghion' 5 April to 2 June - Cultural Centre S.

Gaetano Altinate - time 10am to 7pm, closed Mondays and 1 May

The second photo exhibition as part of the events in Padua at San Gaetano tells the fascinating adventure of four young men in their twenties travelling to India on two small Fiat 600s. The photographs and texts of Francesco Carmignoto and Francesco Ghion constitute a unique travelogue: at the Centro Culturale San Gaetano events and traditions, beautiful distant landscapes, stories of hospitality and artistic treasures that, in many cases, no longer exist today.

'Re-Visioning Venice. Ongania / Romagnosi 1893/2013 '4 April to 4 May - Oratorio di San Rocco in Padova times 9.30am -12.30pm / 3.30pm-7pm, closed Mondays and 1 May

In addition to''Light of Venice' at the Villa Pisani Museum<, another photo exhibition revisits the work by the Venetian Ferdinand Ongania 'Calli and Canali in Venice'. For several years, the photographer Giampaolo Romagnosi has reviewed the places immortalized at the end of the 19th century by the collections of Ongania with digital equipment. The exhibition at the Oratory of San Rocco in Padova offers an extraordinary collection of photographs that develops along the past and present timeline, presenting a striking comparison between a Venice of yesterday and today.

Another exhibition as part of the Padua events 2014 at Padova Photo-Graphia is the Sottopasso della Stua which boasts photographs by the students of the Institute of Photography and Visual Arts. The Sottopasso della Stua in Padova interprets the theme of the event by presenting the human face of all ages - and participants work in the 02 laboratory of Photography.

Also participating in Padova Photo-Graphia are two major photographic associations of the city: the Fotoclub Padova, on display at the Centro Culturale in Altinate, Padova with 'The temples of gaze', and the Antenore Photo Group, which shows with street Photography the passage of time in Padua.

In addition to numerous exhibitions of photography during Padova, Italy events, the wide cultural choice by Padova Photo-Graphia includes a photo competition, presentations, meetings and the conference Non solo fotografia' which will be held on 13 May at the Centro Culturale Altinate in Padova.

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Period: From 22 March 2014 to 07 June 2014

Event location: Padua

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