Painting Light - Burano and its painters at the Lace Museum

The beauty of the island of Burano is the protagonist of a fascinating modern art exhibition!

From 06 April 2019 to 08 January 2020

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From 6 April 2019 to 8 January 2020 a fascinating exhibition at the Lace Museum of the island of Burano reveals the amazing painting achievements attained by painters based in the idyllic territory of Burano starting from the post-World War II era.

The Burano island and Painting of Light exhibition showcases works by great Italian artists who were inspired by the unique traits of the island of Burano and created masterpieces in which nature and landscape views became uniquely intensive as brushstrokes materially dissolved to become the synonym of light.

Through the works of the collection of the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Ca 'Pesaro, this particular exhibition aims to focus on an artistic production that, after the second world war, took Burano and its' Painting prize' to the center of an important debate on modern art. The "Painting prize", since its first edition in 1946, is considered a fundamental event for all artists from the Triveneto area as an opportunity to meet other artists and debate on the developments of pictorial research in the region. The growing popularity has made this event an important moment of artistic sharing. After the first historic four editions (1946, 1951, 1953, 1956) the ‘Premio Burano’ was once again held in the mid-1960s as a ‘Piccolo Premio Burano’ for amateurs; from 1972 to the 1900s the award was revamped with the title of ‘Burano Painting Prize’. Since 2000 the legacy of the ‘Premio Burano’ has been kept alive by the artistic event ‘Invitation to color’, a tribute to this unique and wonderful island.

But who are the protagonists of this exceptional Burano painting exhibition?

In the 20th century the painters Gino Rossi, Arturo Martini, Ugo Valeri, Luigi Scopinich, Umberto Moggioli, Felice Casorati and Pio Semeghini arrived in this lagoon island ‘armed’ with their painting boards: it was the beginning of an important time for modern art, during which Burano became the reference point for painting considered as an alternative to the constitutive models of the pictorial scene of the early 20th century, but closely connected with the avant-garde movement of Ca 'Pesaro.

Through the exhibition 'Painting Light - Burano and its painters' the visitor is transported into Burano as it was in the past, when harmony and beauty populated the narrow canals and the tiny houses painted with lime colors were joined by their soft pastel colors and faded into one another. This is not Burano as we see it today, where the same houses have been painted over with strong colors, often overly vivid, and have therefore lost their original beauty which we can only admire in the works of the masters of the early 19th century.

Discovering the true, historical, intimate nature of the Island of Burano is a unique and unforgettable experience: through their eyes one can perceive the love of these artists for this faraway island of the Venetian lagoon and the fascination it exerted on them ... And here comes the desire to portray it live, 'en plein air', to capture a light that has no equal anywhere else. The island becomes a paradise, a spiritual and almost ethereal refuge immersed in a bubble of light aimed at reiterating its unwitting beauty.

Painting Light - Burano and its painters 2019 is open from 6 April 2019 to 8 January 2020 and showcases the ancient magnificence of the lagoon island of Burano through the splendid works of the masters of the 20th century!


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By Insidecom Editorial Staff