Pellestrina Boat Race

01 August 2010

Amongst the many boat races taking place every year in Venice there are some, more than others, that perpetuate the local traditions and couple them with the virtues of sport. These are important events for people in Venice as each race is gathering occasion where customs from the past make people feel part of a unique world to which respect is due. All this can be found in the Pellestrina Boat Race, held each year on the first Sunday in August during the feast of the Madonna of Apparition. Another recurrent theme amongst traditional boat races is indeed the fact that they coincide with renowned local celebrations and feasts.

Promoted by the Municipality of Venice and supported by the Rowing Association and the Coordination of Rowing Societies, the Pellestrina Boat Race has a huge following amongst the local residents so much so that each year it brings several hundreds of spectators into this history, tradition- and nature laden strip of land. It is also an event that represents a test bed for rowers in anticipation of the renowned Historic Regata (with the characteristic style known as venetian rowing which is held the first Sunday in September. The 2010 edition of the Pellestrina Boat Race, which sees the participation of traditional boats from Venice, will take place on August the 1st with the following line-up of boats: at 16.30hrs the youngest riders in the typically Venetian two-oar pupparini, followed by the women's race in two-oar mascarete at 17.15hrs and the mens race in two-oar pupparini at 18.00hrs. The race will take place along the shore of the island facing the Venice lagoon, and is ideally best followed from a boat but is also fascinating if watched on-shore The race usually follows this route: Cantiere Mesetto, Canale di Pellestrina, paleto opposite the Church of Saint Anthony and arrival at the Church of the Madonna of Apparition.

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Period: 01 August 2010

Event location: Isola di Pellestrina (VE)

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