Photissima Art Fair 2013

From 29 May 2013 to 02 June 2013

The Photissima Art Fair 2013 is back in Venice. The photo fair 2013 is one of the most awaited photography festivals in Italy, dedicated to all fans and collectors of photographic art.

Included in the rich calendar of events at the Vega of Venice the Science and Technology Park located in Marghera - Photissima II Art Fair will be held from 29 May to 2 June, coinciding with the opening days of the Biennale dArte.

Photissima Art Fair Venezia has been organized with the intent to enter the orbit of the great events of photography in Veneto and to become a fixed annual photography festival in Italy. Photissima Venezia will be a moment of encounter and engagement between the different protagonists of photography.

Photography in all its forms, from historical photography to street photography, from modern art photography to photo-journalism: as the title suggests, Photissima Art Fair brings together all the photographic techniques.

Photissima 2013 at the Vega Park in Venice Marghera will be juxtaposed to a festival at the Cultural Centre Candiani in Mestre, from 22 May to 8 June, which will host a retrospective of Fulvio Roiter and a group of the Academy of Fine Arts Venice, with students' work side by side with big names in photography such as Mario Cresci, Nino Migliori, Giovanni Gastel.

The Photissima Art Fair in Venezia will retain a dual nature: a fair dedicated to a user more linked to the dynamics of the photography industry and a photography festival at the Cultural Centre of Candiani appreciated by fans of all ages.

Art forms and popular means of expression - and nowadays more than ever given the continuing increase in the tools to produce images, share and saving them - the photograph is an 'asset' of all and the festival / fair in Venice aims to give thought to as many people as possible who attend and fully experience this unique festival of photography.

Photissima Art Fair at the Vega Park Venice will put on centre stage associations, associated artists, art residences, foundations, galleries, schools and art academies. A selection of artists with personal exhibitions will also be presented at Photissima 2013.

Photissima Art Fair at the Vega Venice gateway for science and technologies will also provide a series of workshops, meetings and thematic workshops on photography, dedicated to the preservation of materials, collectibles, intellectual property and fine art printing.

Do not miss one of the most interesting photo festivals in 2013: from 29 May to 2 June the Photissima Art Fair awaits you at Vega Park in Venice!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff