Picasso and Vollard: the contrasted relationship between the genius and the artist in an exhibition in Venice

From 06 April 2012 to 08 July 2012

From the 6th April to the 8th July 2012 an interesting exhibition in Venice will try to retrace the emblematic relationship between Picasso and his first art patron Ambroise Vollard.

The exhibition, entitled Picasso e Vollard. Il genio e il mercante will be housed at the IstitutoVeneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Venice. More than 150 Picasso works will be on show in Venice, commissioned by Vollard, in the first decades of the XX century and representative of the intense and contrasted relationship between Vollard and Picasso.

Thanks to his unerring keen eye and his bravery, Vollard took a centre stage role in the affirmation of modern art between the end of the XIX century and 1939, the year of his death, promoting the vanguards with the biggest European and American collectors.

Vollards interests for little known or censured artists made him become a true pioneer: Vollard organised the first monographic exhibition on Paul Czanne and he was the first to offer the young Picasso the possibility to expose in his gallery. This signalled the beginning of the complex relationship that involved Picasso and Vollard for nearly forty years: Vollard not only sold Picassos works to great collectors, but he ordered and printed some of Picassos biggest graphic works. In Venice famous Picasso works will be on show that were commissioned by Vollard, such as the 30 etchings with animals for the Histoire Naturelle of Buffon, the Chefs doeuvre inconnue of Balzac and the etchings of the Saltimbanchi painted during 1904 and 1905, in which a series of circus artists, such as acrobats, clowns and ballerinas, are a reminiscence of the precariousness of the Parisian life.

In this Venice exhibition there will also be the wonderful Suite Vollard, considered the best example of the collaboration between Picasso and Vollard.

Painted by Picasso between 1930 and 1937, the Suite Vollard is composed of 100 incisions, amongst them 3 portraits of Vollard in which Picasso tries to represent the complex personality of the merchant.

Despite at first sight the Vollard collection seems like a collection of unmatched juxtapositions, a more accurate analysis of these Picassos works reveals a large formal and conceptual consistency, on top of Picassos extraordinary artistic aptitude and versatility.

Tension, melancholy and eroticism: the search for form that one can observe in the Vollard collection is in strong correlation with Picassos life and with the Spanish civil war, a theme that greatly influenced him. In some engravings of the Vollard collection one can even catch sight of Guernica, one of Picassos most magnificent works, inspired by the civil war. Times: Mondays-Sundays(10am-7pm)Tickets:Adults 9.00Concessions 7.50 (under 18, over 65, groups of minimum 15 and maximum 25 people, students, concessions holders)School tickets 4.00

By Insidecom Editorial Staff