Pietro Bembo and the invention of the Renaissance on show at Palazzo Monte di Piet in Padova Italy

From 02 February 2013 to 19 May 2013

Heralded as one of the most important art exhibitions in Padua in 2013, Pietro Bembo e linvenzione del Rinascimento brings back to life, for a few months, the refined cultural atmosphere of the Italian Renaissance.

The Pietro Bembo exhibition, Padova will be held from February 2 to May 19, 2013 at the Palazzo Monte di Piet, Padova, housing the headquarters of the Cassa di Risparmio of Padova and Rovigo - one of the promoters of this great art exhibition in Italy.

Pietro Bembo in Padova on display for one of the most exciting art exhibitions in Veneto for the next season!After five centuries the great works of Pietro Bembo return to Padua within an Italian Renaissance exhibition: bronzes, coins, antique sculptures, gems, but also major works by Tiziano, Mantegna, Raffaello masterpieces which the great patron of the arts gathered at his home during his stay in Padua, that started in the first decades of the '500. An extraordinary collection of art that Pietro Bembo developed following his undeniable aesthetic taste and his passion for studying the past, transforming his house into an ancestral modern museum, a place of connection and comparison to the rich artistic culture of the time.

In the field of art, Pietro Bembo helps to lay the foundations of the Renaissance identifying the works of Raffaello and Michelangelo as innovative masterpieces and referring to them as part of the ancient art of Rome, which seek perfection outside the territorial boundaries that at the time tore apart and weakened the numerous states of the Italian peninsula. The Bembo exhibition in Padova displays the works collected by this great man of culture, masterpieces which Bembo had in many cases seen or helped to create as a guide, friend and patron of great artists such as Sansovino, Raffaello, Cellini, Tiziano and Michelangelo.

The Pietro Bembo exhibition in Padova wants to celebrate this multifaceted figure who, in addition to his passion for art, became a true patron of culture in general: in an era in which Italy as we know it did not exist, Pietro Bembo became the promoter of unification based on the language, encoding the rules of the Italian language in the works of Boccaccio and Petrarca.

Pietro Bembo in Padova gave birth to a new attitude towards knowledge, a new way of bringing together and exhibiting art that made Padova a prestigious meeting point for the international culture. Unfortunately, the magnificent collection of Pietro Bembo was sold by his son following his death, and today the numerous works that were part of it are divided into many museums, and they will be lent to Padua for this great Bembo exhibition in Padova showing his works.

Do not miss one of the most interesting exhibitions of 2013! Pietro Bembo and his remarkable collection on display at Monte di Piet in Padova from February 2 to May 19: give yourself a journey through history of art by immersing yourself in the stimulating atmosphere of the Renaissance! And if you want to stay a few days in the city to visit the other attractions book now your base to stay in Padova.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 02 February 2013 to 19 May 2013

Event location: Palazzo del Monte di Piet - Piazza Duomo, 14 - Padova

Contacts: For more information on the exhibition of Pietro Bembo and the invention of the Renaissance at the Palazzo del Monte di Piet in Padova: http://www.mostrabembo.it/