Pinocchios Musical at the Geox Theatre in Padova

19 February 2012

Pinocchio, the tale that has enchanted the whole world, will be on stage once again on 19 February. Based on the masterpiece of Collodi, Pinocchios musical is exciting and entertaining with its amazing story of Geppettos stringless and popular puppet, which promises to be a real attraction for everybody. Pinocchio, we know, is a naughty child who goes to pleasure land and gets in to trouble instead of going to school. Perhaps it is not widely known that Pinocchio is the worlds second best selling book after the Bible. Who is not aware of the story of this wooden child?The adventures of Pinocchio are part of everybodys life. The book and the Walt Disney animated cartoons have been read by, watched and entertained young children during their childhood. Pinocchio, the stringless puppet presents a reinterpretation of Collodis Pinocchio with a description of the emotions that are felt by young children when they play snakes and ladders.

The result is a new Pinocchio, revisited through the wordless language of dancing, which does not aim at transgressing the original story, but tries instead to remain faithful to a tale full of mysteries and inventions which are only apparently governed by fate. In the stage representation, fate seems to dominate everything, from the different stages that form the metaphor of life with a beginning and an end, to the presence of animals and nature, through to the burdens of movement with its risks and the ambiguous path of the real life that Pinocchio has to face and overcome.What makes the musical even more intriguing is the use of Benito Jacovittis images, one of the greatest illustrators of the Adventures of Pinocchio, also known for his cartoons. The city of Padova is therefore delighted to host a musical inspired by the adventures of Pinochio.With music from Edoardo Bennato, scenes and costumes of Ivan Stefanutti, who has been inspired by Jacovitti, a long line up of artists and special effects, Pinocchios musical is a not-to-be-missed moment for both young and adult who will revive unforgotten emotions.

Tickets on sale at authorized resellers:Stall Numbered Adult 23,00Stall Numbered Concession (3-12 years) 12,00Tier Numbered Adult 17,50Tier Numbered Concession (3-12 years) 6,50

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 19 February 2012

Event location: Geox Theatre in PadovaCorso Australia, 55- 35136 Padova