'Pisani Moretta Family. History and collectibles' at Ca' Rezzonico

The Ca' Rezzonico Museum of the eigthteenth century host a Venice exhibition of the archive collections of the Pisani Moretta family

From 04 July 2015 to 11 January 2016

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The Venice art exhibitions in 2015 will provide an opportunity to get in touch with the luxury and elegance of the golden age of the Venice Republic ... 'The Venice Pisani Moretta exhibition. History and collectibles' show at the Ca' Rezzonico, Venice, from 4 July 2015 to 11 January 2016 traces the history of one of the most famous families of the Venetian aristocracy.

Venice current exhibitions this summer will offer an unprecedented story of everyday and public life, a moment of encounter with the history of Venice as seen through the valuable evidence of one of the most prominent noble families of the city.

The aura of fame and power that surrounds the Pisani Moretta family in Venice always recalls the heyday of the Venetian Republic when parties, dances and transgressions were very common. Their name evokes the splendour of an aristocracy that built its wealth through merchant trade and divided the highest offices of the Republic with the other members of the aristocracy. What better location than the Ca' Rezzonico - Museum of Eighteenth Century Venice for an exhibition dedicated to them? Among the various branches of the family, those that have remained in the collective imagination is the branch of Santo Stefano, thanks to the wonderful Villa Pisani in Stra, and the branch of San Polo, also known as Moretta, owner of the homonymous magnificent Gothic palace on the Grand Canal, decorated with the most important artists working in Venice during the eighteenth century ... The fascinating exhibition on the family Pisani Moretta in Venice at the Ca' Rezzonico exhibition is dedicated to this branch of the family.

'Pisani Moretta in Venice. History and collectors' presents in detail the long and fascinating history of the Pisani Moretta family, considered one of the most influential of the Venetian nobility and also linked to what many consider the most famous trial of the 18th-century Venice, a lawsuit that best demonstrated the contradictions and social dynamics of Venice just before the fall of the Venice Republic.

Drawing from the vast archives of the Pisani Moretta in Venice family, donated by Count Leonardo de Lazara Pisani-Zusto to the Correr Museum, the at Ca' Rezzonico in Venice exhibitions are tinged with the sparkling colours of the golden age of Venice. The Ca' Rezzonico exhibition presents archives, paintings and sculptures, combined with various examples of decorative arts such as Murano glass, ceramics, lace, china and silverware. This Venice art exhibition has over a hundred works of the Pisani family now housed in private collections and museums in Venice, including the Ca' Rezzonico: exhibition; in fact, there will even be some 'art treasures' that are part of the permanent collection the museum such as the Death of Darius by Giambattista Piazzetta, the plans for consoles of Benedict Corbarelli, the elegant travel set for the wedding between Pietro Vettor Pisani and Caterina Grimani ... From this exceptional group of masterpieces, the exhibition 'The Pisani Moretta . History and Collectibles' aims to analyze one of the most significant experiences of Venetian collectibles.

The impressive collection of Pisani Moretta in Venice exhibition of the 1700s, the elegant and aristocratic upper classes of Venice, with great artistic taste and refinement… In addition to the works of art and everyday objects, the exhibition will provide an opportunity to see some interesting facts on the most intimate and everyday life of one of the most prestigious and influential families of Venice.

'Pisani Moretta Venice. History and collectibles is available with the normal admission fee at Ca' Rezzonico for Venice exhibitions In July 2015; open from Wednesday to Monday 10am to 6pm.

The exhibition will also offer the opportunity to visit the beautiful Ca' Rezzonico Museum of the eighteenth century, guardian of important examples of 18th-century Venice. Housed in a stately mansion overlooking the Grand Canal, the museum houses furnishings and furniture as well as original works by major artists working in Venice including Guardi, Tiepolo, Canaletto and Longhi. The exhibition is organized within the splendid rooms of the palace, as if to give the visitor the impression that this is still inhabited - frescos and paintings decorate the walls of the first floor in a succession of breathtaking masterpieces. On the second floor, after the parade of fascinating works and paintings - where you can admire the only two paintings by Canaletto belonging to the Venetian Civic Museums - the famous puffins of Giandomenico Tiepolo recreate the ambience of the artist's villa in Zianigo, while on the third floor, after the spaces dedicated to the Pinacoteca Egidio Martini - these are works almost exclusively by the Venetian school, from the 15th to the 20th century - the three environments of the Pharmacy Ai do San Marchi have been recreated. You can buy tickets for Ca' Rezzonico - Museum of the eighteenth century online and combine your visit to discover the permanent collection of the most popular museums in Venice.

The Venice current exhibitions for the summer of 2015 start with one of the most famous families of the Venetian aristocracy. From 4 July 2015 to 11 January 2016 visit Ca' Rezzonico and combine art and history in an unforgettable experience!

Upon request, you can visit the art exhibitions in Venice, Italy and the museum with an exclusive private guided tour: ask for the availability of our guides and dive into the magic of Venice in the eighteenth-century!


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Free for children 0-5 years old, citizens and residents in the Municipality of Venice, persons with mobility impairments with assistance, interpreters and licensed guides who accompany visitors, ICOM members, MUVE ordinary partners, Civil Service volunteers, MUVE Friend Card, The Cultivist card.

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