Poetry Vicenza - Contemporary Poetry and Music Festival

Readings, performances, recitals and round tables in the most beautiful settings in Vicenza

From 17 March 2017 to 04 June 2017

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From 17 March to 24 June Poetry Vicenza – the thrilling contemporary poetry and music festival - will be back with a long list of events in Vicenza in March taking place in several locations of the historic centre where everything is ready to host a big celebration dedicated to culture and entertainment!

Now in its 3rd edition, the poetry festival in Vicenza brings contemporaneity to centre stage: artists, actors, poets, critics, translators, musicians, songwriters, printers, gallery owners and publishers will offer their particular vision on today’s society, too often engulfed by consumerism and mundane mechanisms. Through writing, commitment and creativity, poetry will find new forms of communication: often considered obsolete and surpassed, in reality poetry can still contribute a lot in contemporary society. Hence the idea of this interesting project: the aim of Poetry Vicenza, in fact, is to make poetry available to all, free of charge, in some of the most beautiful locations in the city of Palladio and to share new perspectives with the younger generations. The list of events of the Poetry Vicenza programme, including concerts, readings, round tables and performances, will be attended by guests from around the world with the aim of amalgamating different languages, cultures and opinions.

The participating writers will be given the task of reciting some of their most famous poems, along with some of their life experiences, to share their views on the world and life with festival audience. On each event ample space will be given to music, the essential means to emphasize poetry’s expressivity and musicality. Musicians will, this way, have the chance to get involved by accompanying poems and offering their views!

Poetry Vicenza 2017 is organized by the City of Vicenza and Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari, with the contribution of TheArtsBox association, the Department of Linguistic and Culture Comparative Studies of Ca ‘Foscari University and VicenzaJazz Festival.

Stunning buildings such as the Olympic Theatre, Palazzo Chiericati and Palazzo Leoni Montanari will be the backdrop to the many Vicenza events in 2017 included in the festival. The Vicenza contemporary poetry and music festival will also be staged in lesser-known locations of the city centre.

24 poets from 10 countries and 35 musicians are ready to make “their voice heard” in Vicenza: the many events included in the Poetry Vicenza programme are divided into two main periods, one covering March and May, while April will be devoted to round tables, talks, conferences and meetings with small publishers and printers of poetry books, but also big names such as Mardesteig, Antiga, Heel, Amos.

From the Vicenza (Italy) events calendar of the festival worth mentioning is Sylvie Genovese, on 31 Friday, who will stage in Vicenza ‘Migrants Ropes’, a music and poetry performance arranged on poems by Leon Gieco, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Brassens; in April the two poets Jeffrey Wainwright and Lasana Sekou will take centre stage, both English speakers but very different from each other. They will be accompanied by Massimo Tuzza on percussions and Filippo Rinaldi on bass and the poets-songwriters Eric Andersen and Michele Gazich, during an event organized by Marco Fazzini.

Amongst the not-to-be-missed festival events in May in Vicenza (Italy) is Marta Petreu and Christine De Luca’s show, who will sing accompanied by Ilaria Fantin and Irene Brigitte’s music and the performances with music and poems by Nico Naldini, Guy Goffette, Lello Voce, Marta y Micò, Frank Nemola, SolEnsemble, and many others.

But there will be more than music and poetry thanks to several art exhibitions included in Poetry Vicenza in 2017 … But let’s have a detailed look at the agenda of this poetry festival in Italy in 2017:

  • Tuesday, 21 March – Palazzo Leoni Montanari, 18:00
    World Poetry Day: Translating Love – five poets dedicated to translation, with readings and testimonials from: Anna Maria Carpi, Fabio Scotto, Bianca Tarozzi, Rino Cortiana, Andrea Molesini. Curated by Biancamaria Rizzardi, with music by Paolo Birro.
  • Friday, 31 March – Der Ruf, 21.00
    Migrants Ropes: Sylvie Genovese –music and poetry performance
  • Saturday, 1 April - Palazzo Chiericati, 18:30
    Center / Periphery
    Jeffrey Wainwright (England) - curated by Gregory Dowling
    Lasana M. Sekou (St Martin) - curated by Michela Calderaro
    Music by Massimo Tuzza (percussions) and Filippo Rinaldi (bass)
  • Sunday, 2 April - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, 18:00
    Two poets-songwriters: Eric Andersen (United States) and Michele Gazich (Italy) - curated by Marco Fazzini
  • Sunday 9 April - Hands, 18.00
    Author’s Lecture: Haiku E Zen – with the philosopher and essayist Giangiorgio Pasqualotto
  • Saturday 15 April - Palazzo Chiericati, 18.00
    Artist’s book: Fulvio Testa for G. Baffo (1694-1768) - with the artist Fulvio Testa and the publisher Alberto Heel
  • Sunday 23 April - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, 18.00
    Poetry in sound’s transparency
    SolEnsenble: the clear and divine
    Choir of female voices. Silvia Paoletti, Chiara Pierangelo, Silvia Pollet, Bianca Simone, Elisabetta Tiso, Rossana Verlato
  • Saturday 29 April - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, 18.00
    Between literature and science in the world-to-come
    Paolo Ferrari: voice and thoughts
    Presented by: Susanna Teodoro; reciting voices: Paolo Ferrari and Erika Carretta; music and voice by Paolo Ferrari (piano)
  • Sunday 30 April - TheArtsBox, 18.00
    Movable type, papers, printing press, famous publishers
    Talk with publishers and printers Silvio Antiga, Martino Marderstaig, Lucio Passerini – curated by Daniela Brunelli, President of the Verona Literary Society; music by Victor Valisena
  • Saturday 6 May - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, 18.00
    Docpoesia: film screening on poetry and poets – directed and presented by Pierantonio Tanzola
  • Sunday 7 May - Mirror, 18.00
    Small and medium poetry publishers - Amos Edizioni, Book Editore, Scrittura Creativa Edizioni
    A round table with small and medium poetry publishers
  • Sunday 7 May - Der Ruf, 21.00
    Singing is the key to my art
    George Elliott Clarke (Canada) - a performance of poetry and music
    Music by Gionni Di Clemente and Bruno Censori
  • Friday 12 May - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, 18.00
    Two female voices
    Marta Petreu (Romania) – curated by Roberto Merlo
    Christine De Luca (Scotland) – curated by Francesca Romana Paci
    Music by Ilaria Fantin and Irene Brigitte
  • Saturday 13 May - Teatro Spazio Bixio, 18.00
    Poetry & Music
    Marta Y Micó (Spain) – curated by Elisa Sartor
    Lello Voce (Italia) with Frank Nemola – curated by Marco Fazzini
  • Sunday 14 May - Der Ruf, 11.00
    Jazz & Poetry - Reading accompanied by music and photos by Pierantonio Tanzola
    with Pierantonio Tanzola Quartet - curated by Michele Silvestrin and Marica Rampazzo
  • Sunday 14 May - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, 18.00
    Lyricism and journey
    Nico Naldini – curated by Francesco Zambon
    Guy Goffette - curated by Antonello Damage
    Musics by Wanderer Guitar Duo (Giacomo Copiello and Michele Tedesco)
  • Friday, 19 May - Teatro Spazio Bixio, 18.00
    Author Reading: Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) - reading and music for the 50th year of Leonard Cohen’s Songs album (Columbia, 1967) - with Piergiorgio Piccoli, Anna Zago, Michele Silvestrin, Marica Rampazzo, Livio Pacella, etc. .
    Music by Valter Tessaris, Paolo Barbieri, Vittorio Ghirardello, Francesco Martini and others
  • Sunday June 4 - TheArtsBox, 19.00-21.00
    Finissage - closing of the exhibition ‘Silent Gardens’ and the Poetry and Music Festival with students from the city’s high schools, and poets, translators, critics, teachers, musicians, actors, publishers, printers, supporters and organizers of the festival and cultural associations.



  • Edizioni Peccolo: '43 artist books'- curated by Roberto Peccolo

Presentation of the book 'Fonemi' (‘Memorie d’Artista’ collection)

Reading by the poet Giovanni Fontana

17 March-23 April 2017

  • Casiraghy: 'A chick that was perhaps an elephant'

Curated by T.F. Giffone. Contributed by Alberto Casiraghy

18 March-22 April 2017

  • 'Alda Merini: images like poems'

Curated by Spazio6. Contributed by Alberto Casiraghy; voiced by Michele Silvestrin and Marica Rampazzo

18 March-7 May, 2017

  • Pierantonio Tanzola: 'Art faces'

Curated by Stefano Annibaletto. Contributed by Matteo Righetto

18 March-14 May 2017

  • One-day exhibition: 'Contemporary poets'

Curated by Marco Fazzini – exhibiting portraits, books, letters, manuscripts, photos, rare footage.

Poetry reading curated by Vicenza Lioy High School (17.00)

Music by Valter Tessaris, voiced by Antonino Varvarà (18.00)

Sunday 19 March 2017, TheArtsBox, 10.00-22.00

  • 'Elegance is frigid' - similarities between poetry and image

curated by Angela Stefani with Manuela Veronesi, Stefano Presi (voice) and Valentina Cacco (cello)

Artists: Marco Borgarelli; Rita Bucco; Ornella Frigo; Amos Loffreda; Anastasia Moro; Chester Stella; Keiko Tanabe; Manuela Veronesi

24 March-9 April, 2017

  • Marina Marcolin: 'Uni * verses'

Presented by Silvia Trevisan, participated by the artist Marina Marcolin

24 April-4 May 2017

  • Franco Dugo: 'The face, the poem'

Curated by Marco Fazzini. Contributed by Giancarlo Pauletto; music by Pierantonio Tanzola & Friends

25 March-14 May 2017

  • Silvia Lazzarin: 'I wanted to understand, but it was windy'

Presented by Silvia Trevisan; participated by the artist Silvia Lazzarin

5-27 May 2017

  • Cremasco-Peruffo-Pilan: 'Silent Gardens' – An artist’s book, installation and reading

With Mirko Cremasco, Patrizia Peruffo and Giusto Pilan; music by Gastone Guerra (tenor saxophone)

16 May-4 June 2017

All events are free entry (subject to seat availability).

Combine Poetry Vicenza with the opportunity to spend a few days in the city of Palladio ... and make your stay even more exciting by booking a private guided tour!

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