Pop Art is a way of loving things: Andy Warhol on display in Asiago

From 06 July 2013 to 15 September 2013

The events in Asiago, Veneto, Italy this summer boast one of the most important exhibitions Vicenza: 'Pop Art is a way of loving things', an unprecedented Andy Warhol exhibit 2013 at the Museo Carceri Asiago is the only chance in the coming months to see the brilliant American artist in Veneto.

Pop art mostra in Vicenza 2013 - 6 July to 15 September - in Asiago 2013 with over 40 works coming from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world including the Tate Gallery in London, the Rosini-Gutman collection and the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. An extraordinary event in Vicenza which shows Andy Warhol in Italy with his unmistakable style, a work-product for the market that increasingly distances itself from painting to find creative new bases, symbols, trademarks and icons part of the collective imagination.

The Museo Le Carceri di Asiago has one of the most interesting exhibits on Pop Art in Italy of 2013: 'Pop Art is a way of loving things', a fascinating Vicenza art exhibition and a journey into the life of one of its main representatives who will present one of the most original exhibitions of Andy Warhol.Born in Pittsburgh in the late '20s, Andy Warhol is considered one of the leading exponents of American Pop Art. His style, made of provocation and irony, and his revolution in the concept of the artist, associated with the repetition and reproduction of an idea, made it one of the most discussed and controversial artists of the twentieth century and now a Vicenza exhibition 2013: Pop At in Italy.

The mostra Andy Warhol in Italia 2013 will show the public his innovations and the meaning of his eclectic works - that became a mass product and made the artist a kind of industrial machine - considered a valuable record of the profound social changes from the 50s.

Through the use of screen printing, Andy Warhol has delivered the concept of making art accessible to all and not just a small wealthy elite. His works have become a symbol of equality, at the same level as the product of mass consumerism that in those years were breaking down barriers and social orders.

One of the most comprehensive mostre Andy Warhol in Italia 2013, which will allow visitors to enter the life of the American genius. In addition to the mostre pop art Italia works will be on display that are evidence of other forms of communication experienced by Andy Warhole in the course of his life, from cinema to the Factory to up to collaborations with artists such as the Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones.

MV events in Vicenza, Italy staged by the Museo Le Carceri, Asiago and organized by the Culture Department of the City of Asiago, this unprecedented exhibition on the Pop Art in Italy of 2013 follows the tendency of major events organized in recent years to enhance the beautiful area of Asiago, one of the most beautiful Vicenza exhibitions in Italy.

Exhibitions in Vicenza in Asiago this summer are enriched by a show with an international flavour: from 6 July to 15 September, Pop Art by Andy Warhol in a show not to be missed!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff